6 Jan 12, 23:53
Seb: Cbox is now locked due to excessive spammers, sorry! :) Doubt I'll reopen the blog, but primeval will always be in our hearts and we shall relive it time again with DVDs ;)
19 Dec 11, 01:15
Ryan: Hi I'm the real Ryan :) that wasn't me !
18 Dec 11, 19:18
Elly: Let bravery be thy choice
14 Dec 11, 23:44
Seb: Ryan... that was you :L
8 Dec 11, 14:04
Kabilan: It sux without Primeval. :( I sooo wish they make a Series 6!
4 Dec 11, 17:44
Emma: hey there stranger!!! howz life? guess there is no new primeval news as you would be updating if so :D i'm currently making an Xmen OC posters on my site and fanfic in the new year! take care!
30 Nov 11, 19:37
Seb: Lol I knoww :L I would've thought it'd stop by now but apparently some people really are that sad... :L
28 Nov 11, 13:38
Kabilan: :roll: Someone needs to get a life.
11 Nov 11, 09:39
Kabilan: lol, seriously what the hell is going on here? :nuts:
7 Nov 11, 14:55
Ryan: what the actual fudge !!!
29 Oct 11, 09:17
Jess: wen I was told Primeval was coming bak for a 4th and 5th season, I did some research and pretty much fainted wen I read about a new character called jess. I felt so special and proud :)
27 Oct 11, 17:23
Kevin: Wish you a very great day
25 Oct 11, 00:17
Nazrin: jalan2 up traffik sini.. jom ke blog saya..
24 Oct 11, 06:07
Rio Ferdinand: Hi Blogwalking visit. Will Missed you.i wish you can visit mine too
24 Oct 11, 01:20
Miera: Just a blogwalker who want to promote her blog
20 Oct 11, 21:05
Seb: *lives
20 Oct 11, 21:05
Seb: eurgh sorry some people seriously have no lies. I do apologise.
18 Oct 11, 20:52
Keaton: ok
18 Oct 11, 08:56
Ryan: well my name is toms surname :)
17 Oct 11, 14:33
Kabilan: Ryan and Jess! lol!
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