8 Jan 11, 22:02
Jenny: hi! I admire you for loving to read great books for such an age. I hope most kids yoru age would also read great books. It will really help you alot..Enjoy reading!
3 Aug 10, 17:14
jenny: nice!
22 Oct 09, 13:02
artseblis: i like your reviews! and you're a member of the Flips Flipping Pages. i'll link you up to my blog, if that's ok.
6 Jul 09, 17:43
Peter: Nice take on books! Fascinating reviews too!
12 Jun 09, 00:46
Honey: Hey, benjie! Great reviews! Keep it up!:)
22 May 09, 22:48
kwesifriends: HAllo there I think you need to make your review short have fun
22 May 09, 22:47
islandhopper: Hello, flipper. Nice layout. Let's exchange links.
22 May 09, 17:11
Benjie: Thanks ma'am! Still getting used to it though...
22 May 09, 14:27
Honey: Congratulations on the new blog!