5 Aug 14, 03:27
Lana: Thank you again.
5 Aug 14, 03:27
Lana: Thank you all for the wonderful Vintage Steampunk BT. Still waiting on Country Style Designs part.
31 Jul 14, 00:53
Pepsigirl: do u have a link to the birthday blogs trains? i am looking for birthday kits
19 Dec 13, 19:12
dDebbie: bblinkie not showing when viewed on tablet
5 Feb 13, 18:28
Frann: lovely blog n kits :D
12 Jan 13, 10:45
Bits N Bobs: Blog Train re-opening :)
16 Oct 11, 19:17
Bits N Bobs: Thank you everyone. Forum is still open though. ACDiva.com
6 Oct 11, 03:20
Tracey: Sending love your way!
26 Sep 11, 21:57
BNB: Yes everyone. For now due to my health the train is temporarily closed until further notice.
13 Sep 11, 15:26
Amanda: Hi, Is it true that the BNB train is no more? Confused as this is here but the Yahoo group has gone!
12 Sep 11, 05:44
Stina: Just thought you would want to know. *s* PS. I like your captcha code for your Cbox. I needed one.
12 Sep 11, 05:44
Stina: I received queries in my train as where it has gone and when I checked I found it gone too.
12 Sep 11, 05:43
Stina: Julie just letting you know that Train group has disappeared. According to Yahoo it no longer exists
2 Jul 11, 17:31
Bits N Bobs: Thank you both. Just knowing you were thinking of her will be enough Cuddz *mwah*
23 Jun 11, 05:33
Lynne: Thank you very much for the beautiful scrapkit.
16 Jun 11, 21:40
Cuddz: Sending her lots of healing thoughts xx
16 Jun 11, 21:39
Cuddz: Awww wish ( had known about this...I would have contributed...Artmam is such a lovely ladyxx
14 Jun 11, 08:16
Bits N Bobs: You don't have to create scrap kits hun, you can make tag templates, masks or wordart as well :)
11 Jun 11, 05:47
KattitudeGrafx: I would love to participate, but I know nothing about creating scrapkits.
9 Jun 11, 23:22
Nora: Just sent a request to join your blogtrain group ;)
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