Sylvester: hi
What did you just type!: your wifi
kringekid: fix your game or our wifi
kringekid: loading
kringekid: it is still loading
fredito9: But that process is weird
fredito9: Had to refresh page
fredito9: I text and it opens me to normal chat and I for a moment see this mlchat and my message and come back to it not being visible to me
fredito9: Testing?
fredito9: Whoop
fredito9: Whoop
fredito9: Whoop
What did you just type!: mere desh me paani ki kami h
akainu: xD
akainu: Moddy, hariyali la de iss sukhe desh mein
akainu: This place is such a desert now, though
akainu: Tell me about it. Oh the game? You can have my account - I don't play it anymore.
drakeknight22: doesnt even load
drakeknight22: lol this is terrible
Rapber Jr.: hi
Rapber Jr.: hi
Ares: hello
What did you just type!: but barely breathing :P
akainu: I know what I believe inside, I'm awake and I'm alive!
akainu: Danananananananan!
akainu: Right here, right now! Stand by God and never let down!
Rike: hey!!! anyone here?
Princess Lily: Hello
ugly any: its been 6 years since i been on here
Abdulbastu: hello
Abdulbastu: Hello
What did you just type!: Technically I am always here so DENIED! :P
Mewtwo: they are the same probably
Mewtwo: agreed, melisandre
melisandre: i swear both of u are the same person, only appearing when the other appears
What did you just type!: u left it to die @ akainu its all your fault :P
akainu: and it's been ages since i came here, wow
akainu: this chat is dead as hell
Lechance: does anyone have bulbmanduirtle
Nintendees: maybe so
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