Illusion: Mhm..
Zerona: I wish they did
Illusion: "What does it look like?" I want to say. But, no, no one does.
Zerona: Do people actually rp here anymore
Illusion: Probably 5 years.
Zerona: how long have you been here
Illusion: As I have always been.
Illusion: I am Illusion.
Zerona: who are you
Illusion: Got me.
Illusion: Oh.
Illusion: Why would I need to know that I am-
Zerona: jk i lied
Illusion: Well, that doesn't make any sense.
Zerona: it doesn't show for people other than yourself
Illusion: Oh, there is a feature that says who is typing?
Illusion: And yet your name is familiar.
Zerona: i am noob and no nothing about rp oh no what shall i do
Tycoon: rip
Tycoon: there is a fwg discord actually, but i don't have the link
Iron Sulfide: x a t
Iron Sulfide: lol that filter
Iron Sulfide: everyone used to go to too many paper cranes so how is this different?
Iron Sulfide: How isn't there a FWG Discord group?
DARK ACE: bruh i miss talking with you.
DARK ACE: demitri send me a friend request on disc please.
Tycoon: i do miss this place a Lot
Illusion: Agreed.
Faudmaet: That's a shame, I loved coming on here
Faudmaet: Jesus, aye. This place is more or less dead
Illusion: It's not set in my timezone, but, you can approximate.
Illusion: If you hover your cursor over the user's name, you can see their timestamp.
Faudmaet: So these previous messages I'm seeing, I'm guessing they're days old?
Illusion: Yes, it does exist, but it's not exactly alive.. it's.. clinging to it, drawing breath with each chance post we make.
Faudmaet: lol no, it's dead
Faudmaet: This place still exists?
Rex: Oh my god, this still exists? I remember coming here in 2010...
Demitri Akolite: Holy hell its Lana
Gold Wolf: *Sits atop a tree looking over the horizon. The sky a dark ombre of orange with a cool breeze that made the tree tops flutter.*
DARK ACE: Demitri
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