Princess Lily: Hello?
Mewtwo: Tumbleweeds.gif
DriveThru Whale: Tumbleweeds.gif
Duis: All them years ago
Duis: I remember when this place wasn't dead
Pedobear: :gun:
Illusion: Yeet
Demitri akolite: Kek
What did you just type!: it has been for a year
Sasha Lee Firestorm: Oh boy. There's an @ feature now
Sasha Lee Firestorm: @prophet Wow... I haven't been on here in over a month...and I still see my message
What did you just type!: hoi
Slender Man: -walks in- Heeellooo?
Princess Lily: Hello?
Demitri Akolite: Hm
What did you just type!: orby?
Lightning: 10,000 years in a tin gives you SUch the CRInk in th NECK!
What did you just type!: he will be back in 30 years :P
What did you just type!: dont worry about it
Tycoon: rip it
What did you just type!: gone
Lightning: What happened to the buttonthat lets you see whose online?
Lightning: *steps in* Hello?
mop: hola
What did you just type!: hoi
Lightning: Hello?
AqiuQ: hi
hailius: drive thru in blue
DriveThru Whale: *throws tumbleweeds everywhere*
DriveThru Whale: Im squatting here now
Zerona: Am Zerona
Pedobear: rip
hailius: #sassh lee firestorm rip
Sasha Lee Firestorm: Rip
hailius: lol
Tycoon: bully
prophet: hi am jaxon
prophet: power* )
prophet: - her face busted into the concrete and exploded into a brutal, bloody display of menacing power -
prophet: - assuming control over the back of her cranium permitted him to catapult her face forward towards the concrete below -
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