Bionicle: WE GOT EM
Bionicle: ladies and gentlemen
Bionicle: pen15
Bionicle: markers
Bionicle: Chicken Tikka Masala
Crook: window
Bionicle: VOTE KICK
Crook: MODS
Bionicle: KICK
Bionicle: KICK
Crook: BAN
Crook: BAN
Crook: BAN
Bionicle: shit
Crook: Ahoy Matee
Bionicle: frick
Bionicle: hello
Crook: rule34
Bionicle: r34
Bionicle: miniature paintbrushes
Bionicle: reddit]
Bionicle: youtube
Bionicle: alphabet soup
Bionicle: MCYEET
Crook: Crook#8335 Is my discord tho feel free to hmu
Crook: I might come on here every now and again and see if I can catch someone
Crook: However I still remember Bio the most tho
Crook: Im sure Id still remember everyone
Crook: I remember going on here daily years ago
Crook: I miss you guys
Crook: God damn its been a while
Gary Stu Smartstrong: How did this place fail again?
Human Dragon: I am a dragon in human form!
Mary Sue Catperson: Who wants to rp with me?
Demitri: he takes a potato chip....and eats it,,,
Demitri: Demitri waddles around....doing stuff...
FwgKing: <3
Sasha Lee Firestorm: Sasha doesnt remember much
Pedobear: :gun:
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