(O)_(O): boop
Dr. Maichai: I really do wish you were here Sasha Lee Firestorm. I bet you'd remember The Lord of All Dragons : ) Take care, you.
Dr. Maichai: *sighs deeply to himself as his memories of years past take hold of his attention and he falls into a trance like state of nostalgia*
Dr. Maichai: Drat though. No one being here. *sitting on a stump, draws his gleaming saber and polishes its already perfect surface while he waits morosely for anyone to arrive*
Dr. Maichai: It's been ages, I didn't know if anyone from the old gang would still be here!
Dr. Maichai: Oh my gosh!! Sasha! Do you remember me??
Dr. Maichai: Only I used to have a different name; The Lord of All Dragons. Shame, I can't remember the password to that name anymore.
Dr. Maichai: Had a bunch of people who would always be ready to go on an airship adventure with me : D
Dr. Maichai: Geez. I remember when I was a kid how busy these chatrooms would be : ) It was actually a thriving community.
Dr. Maichai: Eh all.
Saphique: Dead chat.
oof: oof
Saphique: eep
Saphique: no one's ever here
Cryos: No one here?
Sasha Lee Firestorm: There
Sasha Lee Firestorm: 💀·Sasha Lee Firestorm·💀#5362
Sasha Lee Firestorm: Just realized my dreaking discord thing was messed up. I swear to gods
Pedobear: drcf
moppy: a fellow shithead kid?
Zerona: Anyway find me on discord Ocean #9094
Zerona: prphot... you still are a shithead kid, we all know that
Rebuild War Torn countrys: hempconcrete (lime + Hemp + water), concrete, and windows with biggest solar panels.
architect: rebuilding towns with hempconcrete
Machine: uses hemp + Limestone + water to make hempconcrete
exacavator: mines lime stone
Hemp plant: grows in the blacksoil
Biogas digester composter: Takes poo/manure and turns it into black soil.
Thorium Fission: generates electricity in the rpg room.
prophet: im not sorry for being a shithead kid
Alpha Tenchi: I miss you guys. Thanks for some awesome memories. Sorry for being a shithead kid.
Alpha Tenchi: Talking, reminiscing
Alpha Tenchi: Shooting the shit
Alpha Tenchi: Or just
Alpha Tenchi: Anyone interested in seeing the Tenchi come back
Alpha Tenchi: Alpha Tenchi#9251
Alpha Tenchi: Memories
Alpha Tenchi: Shit man
Alpha Tenchi: This placew
Pedobear: :gun:
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