27 May 12, 23:51
pretty rara: watching ur nice blog :)come to my blog n follow me kay :D
25 Oct 11, 23:20
Thai Girl Online: Hi Blogwalking visit. Will Missed you.i wish you can visit mine too
25 Oct 11, 18:09
Sexy Korean Girl: CoolZ Dudes visit me Back. i wish you can visit mine too
30 Sep 11, 11:44
Ozawa Girl: I need you to helps me
22 Aug 11, 08:45
Brad Pitt: CoolZ Dudes visit me Back. i wish you can visit mine too
16 Jul 09, 20:38
Suhasini K Bhat: Please do visit my travel blog http://indiancolumbus.blogspot.com/ and let me know your comments.
16 Jul 09, 20:37
Suhasini K Bhat: Such a great collection of travel blogs. Thanks for listing them. Being a travel blogger, this list will be very useful for me.
25 Jun 09, 06:29
Deb and Dave: Thank you for the great list of new travel blogs for me to check out, I am going to bookmark it and start going through them one at a time. Congratulations to all!
3 Jun 09, 14:18
mamdooh: مدونة ممتازة كل التوفيق يارب
1 Jun 09, 23:05
Deb and Dave: Thanks for the advice Lilliy. I will check out broblogger for sure! Can't wait for the launch of your new wevsite as well. Deb
28 May 09, 08:40
Lilliy: than to write in Arabic there is so many rules
28 May 09, 08:40
Lilliy: WildJunket, Thanks for visiting my blog. Arabic is very difficult even for me I am bilingual and Classic arabic is different than conversational arabic. Its esier for me to write in english.
28 May 09, 07:30
WildJunket: oh hey u're learning Turkish? I learnt Arabic for awhile, n it was tough but so fun! Look forward to reading more!
28 May 09, 07:29
WildJunket: Lilly, thanks for your comments! You're doing great on your blog yourself, glad to connect with you!
26 May 09, 05:22
Lilliy: Dave and Deb, Thank you, I really enjoy your adventures. I always come and check out whats new over at your site.
25 May 09, 17:14
Dave and Deb: Thanks for checking out the Photography. You take great shots!
21 May 09, 19:41
Lilliy: Anli, please correct me if you come across something wrong..
21 May 09, 04:16
Anil: Anytime, good luck. You'll learn a lot about Turkish culture in the variety of phrases that are unique to Turkey.
21 May 09, 03:22
Lilliy: anil, Thank you for offering that is so kind, and no not much help I am taking it step by step :)
20 May 09, 23:04
Anil: Although I'm sure you have a lot of help, I'm always available to ask for help with Turkish or Turkish culture!
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