14 Mar 17, 05:42
star: visiting you again how are you?
16 May 13, 17:26
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25 Feb 13, 09:17
jimmy: good morning
27 Jul 11, 23:20
star: I forgot the password..hope i can recover it.
5 Aug 09, 18:03
star: once again, i want to thank you for the prayer mitch..i hope and pray the best for you!! God bless always and take care.
13 Jul 09, 08:19
star: God bless and take care always, I be happy for your decision whatever it is.
17 Jun 09, 16:42
star: Nice to back here again..I don't want to die this blog..hope i can post another entry and more. I need to be strong...
5 Jun 09, 12:48
star: wow lolli!! thanks for the visit..hope you will visit us here again...God bless you!!
2 Jun 09, 18:37
lollii: weeh. bloghopping..care to visit me back?
26 May 09, 10:26
star: was here today..for a new post..how are you?
21 Apr 09, 06:46
star: i want to put this in entrecard in religion section.but if you have time..i wll give you the site.. just open the entrecard.com then sign-up choose category and choose your 12fx125 widget.
21 Apr 09, 06:45
star: i want to put this in entrecard in religion section.
18 Apr 09, 17:37
star: new post.. enjoy reading
18 Apr 09, 17:37
star: new post hope you like it.
17 Apr 09, 21:25
star: missing someone..hope he did too.
17 Apr 09, 06:06
star: somtimes i open my ym if i chat to some blogger friends..hope i can chat with you too..if your not busy.
17 Apr 09, 06:05
star: awards for you mitch..i have a lot of entry to write here..but since i'm still occupied..i just need to take my time..
16 Apr 09, 13:26
Mitch: Wow, what a post Star, I love the way that starts, pulls me right in!!!
14 Apr 09, 15:59
star: was here today..how are you?
13 Apr 09, 05:11
star: Hi Mitch..please vote for me...click here..http://www.star-chuu.net/2009/04/greetings-to-all-my-friends-and.html. thanks and God bless.
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