18 May 13, 01:31
Free Product Samples: heyy, nice blog! wanna trade links? www.FreeProductTesting.com email us
20 Sep 10, 09:04
Mohd Ahmad Ferk: huda gumuk! mane ilang? www.myferk.blogspot.com
16 Apr 10, 03:10
GodOfGamble: helo people
5 Apr 10, 23:39
amelia: interesting.hehe
23 Oct 09, 00:48
Hudalicious: you can too, have you join H.O.F?
23 Oct 09, 00:48
Hudalicious: yeah we had fun ;)
7 Sep 09, 03:26
gitadine: seems like so much fun! :)
7 Jul 09, 16:31
tee: xsaba tggu gamba pool party! huhu
27 Jun 09, 23:10
nsQ: oopsie!!! :p typo la syg.. HUDALICIOUS ;) btw, u spelt my name wrongly.. syaqs. not shaqs. :p :p hehehhe but nvm. hehe
27 Jun 09, 22:33
Hudalicious: spell my name correctly shaqs! Hudalicious! haha!
27 Jun 09, 20:11
nsQ: hope its succesful! :D
27 Jun 09, 20:11
nsQ: dear hof-ers! im so so happy with the follow up i just heard from miss hudaicious on our upcoming event
27 Jun 09, 16:08
hilton: we need more peeps to help us..
25 Jun 09, 18:26
Hudalicious: i'm trying really hard not to kill you shaqs! LoL!
22 Jun 09, 18:32
nsQ: dear H.O.F'ers. please dont be mad at me.. but i have to pull out from the 4th of July event.. i cant make it on that day.. i have to go to my sister's graduation.. -_- -syaq- hope it'll be a blast!!
22 Jun 09, 12:06
Hudalicious: Mimi bile nak sit down discuss poster and flyers? to other committee members, please be an active blogger! thank you !
21 Jun 09, 21:58
hilton: done mr president! kalau i ade salah tulis let meknow, try to call u tapi tak angkat. buat ape tahhhhhhhh?????!!!
19 Jun 09, 13:26
tee: gmba i muke hodoh je sume hahahah selambe lah!
18 Jun 09, 23:59
Mr.President: Ms. Hilton,please update the blog of our upcoming event please...as well with our fb...thnks
18 Jun 09, 01:28
Hudalicious: what's the new link Jaycee?
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