16 Aug 11, 23:41
Valerie Meza: Thinking of you tonight Amber, my prayers are with you
3 Dec 10, 10:47
Stephanie: You are a strong woman...blessings to you too.
17 Aug 10, 20:16
Janie: Amber, I too have never liked the "Everything happens for a reason" I dont believe in it. With God we can deal with trials, but that doesn't mean they aren't extremely painful in the moment.
16 Aug 10, 20:20
maureen tedesco: I am here if you need me and I think you are so normal for having feelings this time of year. It is a marker for everyone on oue kids getting older. Just know that we all love you MUCHO!f
16 Aug 10, 18:28
Missy: Amber, you may never know the "reason"...none of us will until we m ake that ascend to Heaven ourselves. Be reminded that God is not a taker but the almighty Giver. Your story has saved so many!
14 Jul 10, 20:59
Maureen: I can't hear the song "I can only imagine" without thinking of your family and red balloons. It's a beautiful moment frozen in my mind, with red balloons going up to heaven. I love you.
13 Jul 10, 19:58
Juliet Nguyen-Mushet: Amber, I just got done reading all of your blog and it truly brought me to tears. I remember your sweet little man. My prayers are with you and your family.
6 Jul 10, 21:40
Janet Logue: Amber, just been thinking about you, don't know why, I'll see you tomorrow night. I just wanted to let you know how strong and capable you are. Sending hugs your way sweetie!
18 Apr 10, 20:06
Gena Peeples: Amber, I'm just thinking about you and your family at this time . I do not have words but I have heart and it goes out to you, Always!!!!
18 Apr 10, 20:05
Gena Peeples: Amber, I'm just thinking about you and your family at this time. I do not have words but I do have heart and it goes out to you Always !!!!
10 Apr 10, 19:48
Candace: Amber, I can't imagine going through this, I truly can't. I pray and think of All of you so often. Thank you for sharing your memories of sweet Brett, I wish I could've met him.
10 Apr 10, 09:04
Kristin: So sweet ...
9 Apr 10, 22:02
Sandy: Oh Amber! Tears were streaming down my face when I read this. I'm so glad you captured the moment. He is so happy and proud. What a sweet little voice and face. Love you guys!!
9 Apr 10, 20:53
Meredith: Oh how sweet he is, I think of him everyday and I am so proud I have so many memories with him. HUGS!
16 Mar 10, 21:51
carrie.home@cox.net: Amber - I think of you and your family everyday. I want you to know you are always in my prayers. Love you, Carrie
22 Feb 10, 18:19
Mere: Oh Amber, that post is beautiful and so true. I love you!
11 Dec 09, 22:37
Felica: Amber.....I admire your strength so much and continue to pray for you and your family everyday. Brett will never be forgotten and always loved! Love ya, Felica
11 Dec 09, 14:00
Amber: I didn't even know your sweet boy, but I'm crying and praying right along with you. May God continue to keep you strong and allow you to go on so you can keep Brett's memory alive. Merry Christmas!
10 Dec 09, 17:04
Christy: Thank you for sharing your "Little man" with us...Love you
10 Dec 09, 08:26
ANdrea: Amber....I would like a moment to say thank you...truely you'ved helped to let go of the small things that used to bother me and enjoy my family everyday ...your strength is truley beautiful .
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