7 Nov 09, 01:32
Cynthia: Hey!!! My New Moon thingy stopped counting down! Did I miss the 1st showing?!? Haaha!
5 Aug 09, 01:34
Matt: Not talking but AIMing. Is there such a word? Pfft, now there is! :P
5 Aug 09, 01:33
Matt: I'm talking and tweeting w/you as I write this! Scary! LOL
4 Aug 09, 11:47
Rattlergrl: My phone is dead! Noooooo! hahaha
30 Jul 09, 11:07
Chris: Hey! Thinking about you :)
19 Jul 09, 19:22
Rattlergrl: My dear sweet Jesus, please give me the strength to survive this week!
15 Jul 09, 10:39
Rattlergrl: Quick note, that last post, Love=Happines, was intended for a couple of my twitter girls ;)
14 Jul 09, 22:10
Rattlergrl: I'm having a rather difficult day but am doing good thanks to my friends. Both local and online. I love you all!
13 Jul 09, 15:34
Rattlergrl: Thought for the day: Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes
6 Jul 09, 02:49
Rattlergrl: Why is the time shown not accurate to the time that you post your blog? Anyone else notice that? I posted at 2:44 AM and it says 11:59 PM. WTH!!
6 Jul 09, 02:47
Rattlergrl: Thx for visiting Mark!! Now you are even more Awesome!! :)
5 Jul 09, 20:37
MARK: Im awsome!!
5 Jul 09, 19:42
Chris: Cynthia, just wanted to write that I love you!
28 Jun 09, 19:17
Chris: Just want to say that MrsGinobili started the whole Hut thing! She knows the truth! LMAO
28 Jun 09, 00:00
Rattlergrl: Big thanks to MG, RoRo and Carlos (Need to get a nickname 4 u) for participating in my little question thingy. Love you all :)
24 Jun 09, 13:48
Rattlergrl: Transformers 2 was awesome!! Kind of corny dialogue at times but overall, awesome. Go see it!!!
23 Jun 09, 11:19
AguyfrTX: Very interesting there Cinder! Why didn't i get this e-mail!
22 Jun 09, 01:29
Rattlergrl: It might be done in 2 parts though because there are alot of questions.
22 Jun 09, 01:28
Rattlergrl: I'm thinking of doing a blog about it in hopes that not only you will get to know me better, but I'll get to know you better. We'll see what happens.
22 Jun 09, 01:27
Rattlergrl: Got a very cool e-mail from by best friend Sylvie the other day. It was entitled getting to know your friends. Was just a bunch of random questions.
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