17 May 13, 12:53
Product Samples: hey, nice blog! want to trade links? www.FreeProductTesting.com contact us
9 Dec 10, 16:21
kathy(ModernJune): Love the blog hun! Thanks for using my kit!
5 Feb 10, 07:08
lawyerlyn: thanks for the template!
4 Nov 09, 10:09
Lisa Batey: Hey girl! I finally got somewhat settled in and wanted to see if you still wanted to get together. I see you are nolonger on CM. My e-mail is lisa4bmce@gmail.com, shoot me an e-mail sometime!
4 Oct 09, 19:10
amy!: how you do so much and still keep an active, great blog is beyond me! fab work Heide!
30 Sep 09, 22:52
amy!: cute blog heide!
29 May 09, 10:34
Judy: Blog looks great !
27 May 09, 07:19
amy!: I used your comment on scrapable for the hangman game!
24 May 09, 02:11
Amysout: Heide - your blog is looking good! I have a few questions too - I'll have to PM Christy! I love your clor scheme and the butterflies! Good luck getting them on top!
13 May 09, 18:13
amy!: me again, I luv your Just a thought comment....If its not in the scrapbook - it didn't happen." hehelol I luv that! :)
13 May 09, 18:10
amy!: Hi Heide, blog is lookin great & so is your 1st blinkie..another thing 2 b addicted 2!
12 May 09, 18:19
Irene: This looks stunning! I'm doing the class as well but been MIA for a few days so have to catch up now. Well done!
12 May 09, 18:17
anneofalamo: looking good heidi! am gonna give it a whirl tonite