17 Aug 10, 13:05
ti_Amo: Hi Lisa! Very sorry for the late reply. I don't really like it for the price, & with cream products in it. Beautiful e/s colors I agree, but not worth the $
31 Jul 10, 02:06
lisa: Hi, Wondering what your thoughts are on the new Shu uemura fall palette. Not sure whether tog et it or not and appreciate your opinions on it. Eye colors are lovely ^.^ Very much appreciated. Thank u
24 Apr 10, 23:40
Ti_Amo: thanks for letting me know Autumn Masquerade!
6 Apr 10, 18:30
AutumnMasquerade: I decided to return to blogging. My blog has been temporarily moved to a different spot due to technical difficulties.
22 Feb 10, 17:26
Ti_Amo: lol thanks marsbars!
12 Feb 10, 21:05
marsbarsx3: yesterday*
11 Feb 10, 23:03
marsbarsx3: wow i loved your comment abt lancome yesturday. haha.
17 Jan 10, 16:39
Ti_Amo: hey Catherine! I did a post about it but I changed the URL too quickly I suppose, lots of people didn't see it!
16 Jan 10, 20:48
Catherine/belletrist9: Hey! I was wondering why I hadn't seen you update in a while!!
21 Dec 09, 21:20
Ti_Amo: Hey marsbars! Currently I'm testing out Herbal essences tousle me softly shampoo, no conditioner, Fekkai shine spray (thats not the exact name) and Tigi catwalk fast-fixx light conditioner :)
20 Dec 09, 03:32
marsbarsx3: What hair products do you use? :)
10 Oct 09, 23:04
Ti_Amo: Hi KT--thanks for letting me know! I really appreciate it. They definetly don't have my permission and I'm going to try and get it off ebay.
10 Oct 09, 06:17
kt: Dunno if they have permission, but someone is using one of your pics on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/CHINA-GLAZE-SHOWER-TOGETHER-NAIL-POLISH-BEST-SELLER_W0QQitemZ130336027061QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_Default
30 Sep 09, 09:55
lisa: hi,thank you for your kind response.sharing with you a grreat website for discount branded cosmetics and fashion. please click on link.thank you http://secretsales.com/registration/?invite=7606712
28 Sep 09, 17:08
Ti_Amo: Hi lisa! I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but I believe the 764's color changes because of the angle :) HTH
28 Sep 09, 17:07
Ti_Amo: Hey Mack! :)) me too! will check out your blog now
26 Sep 09, 03:55
lisa: hi, i came across your blog after a search on google.Iam after the shu uemura stick foundation and I am confused with the two 764 swatches,one is darker than the other? please advise.thank you so much
20 Sep 09, 22:38
Mack: Oooo I love the holiday collections! I will start saving up now *laughs* http://mischievousmack.blogspot.com/
17 Aug 09, 20:50
Ti_Amo: Hey xbowie! I don't really use anything set, but I use shu cleansing oil, shiseido d/s perfect whip face wash, shu depsea water and SANA moisterizer !
17 Aug 09, 20:35
xbowie: Ti amo what od you use for your skincare? :]
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