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25 Aug 19, 18:14
mel2134: @CoyoteSeven [link]
25 Aug 19, 13:37
CoyoteSeven: Hope someone can help me out. I going to try to post some things on my upcoming days off but the image hosting sites I previously used are no longer around. What's the one used now by most of you guys to house the pics?
25 Aug 19, 10:15
area 88: i see the feet are gone, finally!
23 Aug 19, 23:55
mel2134: @CoyoteSeven No, not me! Have a good one.
23 Aug 19, 22:08
CoyoteSeven: Hi Mel, I use Mega myself, unfortunately I haven't had time lately to do any uploading ( shame on me :cry: ) and it seems like when I do get the time, you, Pandorum or Altair beat me to the punch. I gotta go through all my stuff (over 50K+ pieces) and find something, hopefully on my next days off.
23 Aug 19, 20:17
mel2134: Hey, good to hear from you. What about Mega? [hide] [url= [link] ] Link [/url] [/hide]
23 Aug 19, 13:59
CoyoteSeven: Personally, I too think Katfile sucks, but the people that use it are being kind enough to share with the rest of us... so I don't look a gift horse in the mouth. There have been times I've had problems with larger files crapping out, but many times I've also found that if I ask the OP real nicely, they'll often help out. It's no guarantee, and in this community, if you share, others will share with you (Mega-leachers take note). It's a shame that many have forgotten that respect and a bit of kindness can go a long way. This is just my opinion and in no way reflects the policies of TOPGFX and its subsidiaries. We now return you to normal daily broadcasting.
23 Aug 19, 13:45
CoyoteSeven: Ah c'mon Mel, cut 'em a break. Afterall, the newwst snowflake generation are used to only the best on demand. And free... why can't you throw in a lot more with it? Seems they forgot the old flies/honey proverb and think since EVERYTHING is owed to them, demand more rather than perhaps try asking nicely? OK, off my soapbox now... please carry on with with 'normal' life now. .bow.
23 Aug 19, 10:29
mel2134: Buddy, u like fast links for free, right? I like Ferraris and yachts, so what... Maybe I'll get lucky in my next life.
23 Aug 19, 03:26
tepisquintla: I love dropapk, fast and easy with none of the diva crap of katfile!
20 Aug 19, 23:04
james summers: ah oke you needed the body shape. I hope you can recreate it or even better. gl :)
19 Aug 19, 13:24
CoyoteSeven: @Jamessummers ... thanks for the link. She's very close and I found her textures in another character file. I was using them for a G1F Draenei I made when I was doing WOW renders. Truthfully, it's the morph itself I'm more after. Lydia had a killer body shape. :P :heart:
19 Aug 19, 00:47
james summers: @CoyoteSeven [link]
19 Aug 19, 00:40
james summers: @CoyoteSeven hah! alright thanks ill give it a try and ill go download those victorias then :) i hope i could help you with the rosalyn. you just have to photoshop the texture to make it pale as lydia the links to the site isnt working here in this chatbox but the download link works you already tried it?
18 Aug 19, 23:14
CoyoteSeven: Oh, and yes... if you get a piece of character software that says for a certain model, you'll need that model. If it's for V4/4.2, more than likely you'll also need the MORPHS++ addition to go with it.
18 Aug 19, 23:10
CoyoteSeven: @james summers... Here is a LINK that may help. Just remember, in some downloads, the stuff you're after may be listed under the folder MY LIBRARY, in others (DAZ especially) the suff you're looking for will be under the folder CONTENT. When you open either of these, you'll usually find the folders DATA, PEOPLE, RUNTIME and others. Copy these folders to the DAZ/STUDIO/CONTENT folder. I did not include the drive letter or user name because on my machine, I have DAZ located on my D: drive under D:/DAZ.
18 Aug 19, 16:10
james summers: @james summers
18 Aug 19, 15:50
james summers: just starting to work with daz studio*
18 Aug 19, 15:49
james summers: hey guys got a question btw ive downloaded daz but i dont know how to add these models like morphs and poses.... any knowledge about this? and victoria 4 is that some kinda addon that i need to download?
18 Aug 19, 15:47
james summers: is her name now
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