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30 Nov 19, 06:58
joedirt: @bradspot that's my guess. I can't code well enough to get the webaddress from the link, but I can get it from the page with my popup blockers keeping it from running. :D
24 Nov 19, 00:16
hansolo33: @Sting Happy to help
23 Nov 19, 23:41
Sting: Thanks hansolo33 I was worried it wouldn't go to a ligit link :)
23 Nov 19, 19:58
bradspot: So I guess there is some kind of scraping elsewhere to pay for the "service"
23 Nov 19, 19:55
bradspot: @CoyoteSeven - one of a number of anonomising middlemen supposedly removed tracking to and from linked file storage
23 Nov 19, 13:41
CoyoteSeven: Sorry to say, or maybe not, I have no idea what 'anomize' is. I have not seem to run into that ... yet. The way it sounds, I hope my luck holds out for a long time. :)
22 Nov 19, 15:54
joedirt: @sting my pc doesn't load the anomize page either but I'll bet it's my popup blocker stopping the java on the page from loading. If you can view the source of the anonomise page you can find your link in the code. ;)
22 Nov 19, 01:48
hansolo33: @Sting Try waiting for the "anomize" page to load..wait 5-10 seconds then click on the "Proceed Here" should take you to where you want to go
22 Nov 19, 01:15
Sting: so no one is having the same issue as me? can't access any link because they are all going to "anomize" :( Is there any other sites similar to this one?
11 Nov 19, 13:36
CoyoteSeven: Good morning Toppers (at least here in the eastern US). To all my brothers and sisters who served and still serve our great country, Happy Veterans Day! No matter your uniform, thank you for your service and sacrifice. God Bless You All!!! But remember...RANGERS LEAD THE WAY! :biggrin:
11 Nov 19, 01:06
Sting: Haven't been around for a bit but is everyones links going to "anomize", can't seem to download anything
10 Nov 19, 23:53
CoyoteSeven: @ Area 88... That could be a possibility. This site's server more than likely isn't US/Canadian based. Given the format of TOPGFX, I would dare say, even place money on the odds that 'home plate' is in some country that couldn't give a rat's keester about such trivial things as DMCA or other silly American laws.
10 Nov 19, 21:33
area 88: what if.... voldemorts and this site are hosted in the same server??? would explain the simultaneous shut downs
6 Nov 19, 18:05
CoyoteSeven: With DonK being M.I.A. and infrequent visits by the admin, the site has been suffering with maintenance, but it still is alive at the moment. Perhaps one day it will return to its former glory... only time will tell.
6 Nov 19, 15:30
bradspot: Voldemort had similar problem for many hours earlier too
6 Nov 19, 08:16
Gamer: Good night Topper, hope this aint the End of this Site.
6 Nov 19, 06:27
Gamer: Is anyone online? I am getting a MySQL error and site pages are not loading.
6 Nov 19, 03:25
Gamer: The whole site has this MySQL Error now.
6 Nov 19, 03:23
Gamer: Oh No! it is more than just searching. it's happening on all pages, on both dot com and dot info.
6 Nov 19, 03:21
Gamer: just now I got this error when searching
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