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16 Jun 19, 18:09
bunnymomma: Hey, anyone else having trouble downloading Tesla products?
16 Jun 19, 13:07
CoyoteSeven: @ Leone_337 ... Seconding a huge thank you for sharing Foreground Blends!!! .bow.
16 Jun 19, 09:39
DVoid: Sounds like you either keep forgetting about the security code, or you keep entering it incorrectly. I've sent messages to Admin before and he's received and replied to them.
16 Jun 19, 08:16
Sir_Mosely2: Why can't one send messages to admin, I keep getting "security code incorrect"
16 Jun 19, 04:31
Sting: Thank you heaps for that Leone_337!
16 Jun 19, 04:18
Leone_337: @Sting I got it and put it up.
15 Jun 19, 10:20
Sting: I'd love to get it Leone_337 but as I'm not working food is more important lol
15 Jun 19, 06:10
Leone_337: Yeah I was thinking about getting that one sting, I've been using a free one from but it doesn't look as good
14 Jun 19, 12:16
No1Hier: @somomongrundy - yeah... I haen't been ABLE to use them since late last year when they started using port 8080 in all of their download links... and now turbobit is also using ports, and I can't use them either
14 Jun 19, 10:10
somomongrundy: argh katfile sucks
14 Jun 19, 08:50
Sting: Has anyone seen "Foreground Blends" on Daz? i think that's a must have!
10 Jun 19, 23:41
area 88: hey uh... anyone have lena for v4? its the character and clothing one
10 Jun 19, 00:23
DVoid: Yeah, looks like it's the Janet Hair. Thank you very much, Sisyphus.
7 Jun 19, 22:23
Sisyphus: @DVoid I think, its Janet Hair
7 Jun 19, 08:04
DVoid: Anyone know what that hair is on Diem G8's promo picture?
7 Jun 19, 07:27
joedirt: @AnjaBear you having issues with bundles elsewhere on the internet?
6 Jun 19, 21:49
freeko: DIM is an external program that you run to install the items that your account has 'unlocked'
6 Jun 19, 16:13
Shugotenshi: Thanks for that heads-up, Joe. I managed to grab all the Vicky models today.
3 Jun 19, 09:08
DVoid: Regarding Arian66's inquiry: I manually extract and install everything I download, and I have no issues about DAZ "phoning home" or whatever nonsense. I have never used DIM before. I don't even know what the interface looks like.
2 Jun 19, 00:55
joedirt: very welcome. I get all the freebies I can so I have somethings I legally own.
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