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29 May 17, 06:12
StarryEyes: Goodnight Don, Goodnight TopGFX. .5.
29 May 17, 06:11
StarryEyes: By the Lord and Ldy, and all the Gods and Goddss of time past, prsent and future,by the power of Creation itself, I wish each and every man and woman, who have serve, is serving and will serve in the future, to the those who hav paid the ultimate pric and those who have survive, peace and blessing on each of you and yours, So I Plea, So Let It Be.
29 May 17, 06:06
Don_k: Goodnight, TopGFX. Goodnight, Starry.

29 May 17, 06:05
Don_k: On that note, it looks to be a good time to call it a night. Catch you tomorrow night.
29 May 17, 06:04
Don_k: Salutes
29 May 17, 06:04
StarryEyes: And your welcome.
29 May 17, 06:04
StarryEyes: Cookies and cream.
29 May 17, 06:03
Don_k: And thank you for your sacrifices.....
29 May 17, 06:01
Don_k: You have a good day tomorrow & enjoy your Ice Cream. What flavor are you making?
29 May 17, 05:59
Don_k: Amen.
29 May 17, 05:59
StarryEyes: Be it have been in war time or peace time, they do us honor in defending us, and so, we who live on, dos so owe to them, to remember and morn their lost lives.
29 May 17, 05:56
Don_k: In Rememberance to those that have fallen in Service to their Country in our 250 year History. Peace in our Lifetimes.....
29 May 17, 05:52
StarryEyes: Too true. <shudders at the thought>
29 May 17, 05:52
Don_k: Mom hated jump-training at Ft.Benning.
29 May 17, 05:51
Don_k: It takes balls and a special kind of crazy to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.....
29 May 17, 05:50
Don_k: J U M P
29 May 17, 05:49
Don_k: No word on wether it was a HALO or a LALO jump.
29 May 17, 05:45
Don_k: CG chopper rescued him and flew direct to Hospital.
29 May 17, 05:44
Don_k: Navy & Coasties are investigating.
29 May 17, 05:43
Don_k: Yep.
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