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19 Aug 18, 04:49
StarryEyes: oh, I aquire some lumber for free, just enough add a little more to my porch. I now actually have room for my rocker and even enough room to set up my tv tray.
19 Aug 18, 04:28
StarryEyes: ok
19 Aug 18, 04:21
Don_k: @StarryEyes: Check your PMs
19 Aug 18, 03:42
StarryEyes: October is the earlest I can attempt to replace it.
19 Aug 18, 03:42
StarryEyes: I'm hoping the portible will handle things till I can afford to replace the roof unit.
19 Aug 18, 03:41
StarryEyes: to replace the unit on the roof which went out is going to run around $700 dollars for a new unit. This old one might be repairable but I really can't at this point afford to take a chance and waste money trying to find out.
19 Aug 18, 03:40
StarryEyes: In the end I found one I like on Amaon but it will not be here till tuesday.
19 Aug 18, 03:39
StarryEyes: I had to peddle all the way into town. I have an issue with my batteries. Both of 12amph sets are reading charged but when hooked to the motor has no power. The 15amph set is doing ok though, but I knew they would not be enough to get me home with a unit on the trailer if I used them at all on the trip into town.
19 Aug 18, 03:37
StarryEyes: I could not sleep at all last night, partly the lack of cool air flow and stress. I made a run into town this morning, hoping to find a small roll around portible ac but Home Depot had sold the last of theirs and Wal-Mart only had 2, both Artic Kings which I read about on the internet and which has bad reps.
19 Aug 18, 03:36
StarryEyes: Luckly it did not break 100 today and is not suppose to again most of this week, still, even the high 90's is too high for me. I've basicly got myself confined to sitting in front of my roll around swamp cooler.
19 Aug 18, 01:37
Don_k: Aw, man! No A/C in Texas!
18 Aug 18, 10:25
StarryEyes: <whimper> My AC has died.
18 Aug 18, 06:37
StarryEyes: @joedirt - Do you mean the Kitty Soundwear? It was given to me by masin. I figured others would like to have it so I suggested he post it but after reading the rules he was reluctent so I ask if I could and he said yes. I'm sorry if I beat you too it.
18 Aug 18, 06:32
joedirt: @StarryEyes did you post that b/c someone asked for it? I was going to.
18 Aug 18, 06:31
joedirt: lots of rapidgator links past few days. Oh and it looks like UserUpload are having database issues so as I'm writing this their links aren't working either. But the Nitroflare links are.. if you have premium >:|
17 Aug 18, 11:10
Animadoria: [link] this is broken
17 Aug 18, 11:10
Animadoria: hmmm i found a broken link
17 Aug 18, 06:34
area 88: i have it, but i still have to manually alter it for no poketrhough
17 Aug 18, 04:10
Don_k: @area 88: use Crossdresser to convert it to V4.
17 Aug 18, 02:03
area 88: too bad fire dancer is for v3, thats one sick costume id love to use on v4 (without annoying manual morphs)
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