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30 Jun 20, 23:39
Pandorum: Do not swear
30 Jun 20, 18:19
mmonn: on here everyday
30 Jun 20, 17:57
freeko: who posted "everyone else;s crap"?
30 Jun 20, 17:28
mmonn: if your going to be nasty and post everyone elses crap then at least do it evenly dont just pick on an old lady that just lost her husband
30 Jun 20, 17:02
bradspot: @freeko - u could try search for prototype series, droid or(clothing: Gynoid),
30 Jun 20, 07:48
freeko: im looking for something but i do not know what to search for, its a robotic reskin of g8
28 Jun 20, 04:07
Sting: I'm surprised AMs snow leopard hasn't been upped anywhere I can find
19 Jun 20, 03:54
Pandorum: Забаньте VITALIA83 он в Химках члены продавал
16 Jun 20, 02:38
LTerror: @bradspot thank you very much
15 Jun 20, 12:15
charliecat: @Vitallia83, I might be mistaken, but all of these items are already uploaded here, save the 3dmax stuffwhich is available more easily at other sites.
15 Jun 20, 05:58
Gamer: BEST 3D site
15 Jun 20, 05:30
VITALIA83: BEST 3D site [link]
14 Jun 20, 20:35
bradspot: Janet Heels and Socks G8f Mary Jane & Socks G8F Stockings and Socks Fashion g8f Thigh High Socks G8F
14 Jun 20, 20:35
bradspot: @LTerror - prob too L8 but
14 Jun 20, 15:28
LTerror: ended up finding something for genesis that I made fit g8f called 1950s everyday
14 Jun 20, 15:09
joedirt: @LTerror yeah it's hard. Everything must be "sexy" or not at all. :(
13 Jun 20, 15:42
LTerror: that aren't thigh length
13 Jun 20, 15:42
LTerror: I never realized how difficult it is to find a G8F outfit that actually has socks
13 Jun 20, 12:24
CoyoteSeven: @JoeDirt... true enough, most of these slow sites are based in countries other than the USA where silly things like DCMA are laughed at. They do their own thing and there's nothing, other than their own country's laws to stop them. They may give it lip service to appease the DCMA'ers, but won't really do squat about it.
12 Jun 20, 02:43
joedirt: @CoyoteSeven I shop around for the better download. The slow download pages suck but they generally will keep files up longer than some Mega links that I've seen DMCA'd within 2 hours of being posted.
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