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27 Jul 17, 07:09
StarryEyes: .5.
27 Jul 17, 04:57
StarryEyes: <whimprs> I am SOOOO in the mod to strangle my cats right now. <bashes head against the desktop>
27 Jul 17, 01:49
StarryEyes: I know the feeling of it just being you and the kitties, I get to feeling the same way myself.
27 Jul 17, 01:46
lloki: No, Jammin learned her lesson well. It was a great place to live, I miss it sometimes.
27 Jul 17, 01:42
lloki: Thank god I had some clothes in my car - everything I owned stunk. Yes, I'm babbling - I've been alone too long with just kitties. Lots of good 3D stuff out today tho :)
27 Jul 17, 01:37
StarryEyes: @lloki - I bet your cat never attacks ne again.
27 Jul 17, 01:34
StarryEyes: @lloki - OH! NOT good.
27 Jul 17, 01:33
lloki: Ah, I see...that's good, I was getting worried about you :) I lived in an old trailer for about 8 years, 5 of which were on a friends ranch, between a river and a can imagine the amount of tiny livestock, lol. One night my cat attacked a skunk, right in front of the screen door and it lobbed it's bomb right into the trailer. Even my purse smelled like skunk lol.
27 Jul 17, 01:29
StarryEyes: Daddy's on the othr hand d not brother me. I have a lot of them living around the trailer.
27 Jul 17, 01:28
StarryEyes: I actually don't care for most spiders.
27 Jul 17, 01:28
StarryEyes: A passing intrest.
27 Jul 17, 01:28
lloki: Erm, what's with you and the spiders? A passing interest or actual research for something?
27 Jul 17, 01:27
StarryEyes: <smothers giggles>
27 Jul 17, 01:25
lloki: CUTE?! A kitten is cute - those things are from the ninth circle of hell!! I beat one to death in my bathroom with a cat carrier, picked up the pieces with my vacuum, then threw it, vacuum and all, out the door and left it there for a week....I still haven't recovered from the shock!
27 Jul 17, 01:23
StarryEyes: @lloki - AHHH! They SO cute! cute.
27 Jul 17, 01:21
lloki: @StarryEyes - here's my revenge *eyebrow waggle* [link]
27 Jul 17, 00:59
StarryEyes: @lloki - <grins wickedly> Can I continue to add to the nightmare?
27 Jul 17, 00:59
StarryEyes: @lloki - One f the bustrs put his arm into a tube with a whole load of them and eventually "1" of them finally bite him.
27 Jul 17, 00:53
StarryEyes: @lloki - Mythbustrs actually did a segment on them. They even set up an experament to get bitten and it took a while for them to get one of the MANY spiders they had to finally bite.
27 Jul 17, 00:52
StarryEyes: @lloki - <chuckles> Sorry abut the nightmares. By my research, the venom they had is actually fairly weak, even against other insects.
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