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10 Dec 18, 10:37
LongDonSilver: Seems that DoUploads blocks the anonymized IPs :-/ (and some other provider too). Can anybody confirm this?`
8 Dec 18, 21:01
StarryEyes: @area 88 Thats how I do it and most everyone else.
8 Dec 18, 21:00
StarryEyes: @area 88 - I have no problem with someone downloading something from another site to post here, I do have a problem when they post that site LINKS instead of there own and claim it has theirs. Download it, strip out the other sites links/spam/whatever then reupload it THEN post it with your link.
8 Dec 18, 20:26
area 88: I HAVe no problem with that method. i mean, thats how other users do it too. but putting all your links at premium only? no. not gonna happen
8 Dec 18, 18:57
StarryEyes: @area 88 - Yea, we have another user here (Carlos91) who likes to watch Zone and has soon has something is posted there that is not posted here, he buys it there and posts the Zone link here while he downloads it and re-uploads it to another host then edits his post with the new link. He has not been posting a lot here lately. In fact he hasn't posted since Oct. I refuse to download anything he posts. I'll get it at Zone before I'll get it from him.
8 Dec 18, 15:40
CoyoteSeven: @DVoid -- I'm not having any problems. Though if I try to DL more than two things at a time, it gives me error codes and acts like it's broken. I find if I wait a couple of minutes after one of the DLs finishes, all's well. HTH .bow.
8 Dec 18, 10:37
DVoid: Does DoUploads not work anymore, or is it just me?
8 Dec 18, 10:22
DVoid: My ex girlfriend inspired me to start doing 3D art and TopGFX helped make it a reality.
8 Dec 18, 06:14
Laydenxxx: t's appreciated
8 Dec 18, 06:14
Laydenxxx: Thank you TOPG., For all you do. I am sure
6 Dec 18, 23:52
lenc: i tried to put a rendered pic in my request for classic scout for g8. if thats not allowed etc admin please delete
6 Dec 18, 07:45
area 88: oh nvm i just saw he uploaded ANOTHER premium pack, im gonna go get it from zone. funk this guy
6 Dec 18, 03:38
area 88: what are those links you all mentioned? i never saw any of them.
6 Dec 18, 01:58
Don_k: I already yelld at Gold about his links and deleted a bunch of posts because of them. If he won't listen, he gets the ban hammer.
5 Dec 18, 22:41
Sting: I'm with AnjaBear, I don't work, if I did I would just buy the models not pay for premium downloads where I wouldn't trust my money
5 Dec 18, 18:30
DVoid: Holy crap! Wuteva is still alive! I thought he left us for greener pastures.
5 Dec 18, 16:24
bradspot: complete with sp. err.
5 Dec 18, 16:24
bradspot: ha - fooll's gold
5 Dec 18, 16:16
AnjaBear: Interesting though - if you select teh DAZ & Pos*r category under New Categories, all of "gold"s stuff simply disappears as its listed under another category. Thank god. Now does anyone have the Eva 8 HD Add-On and the Eva 7 to Eva 8 things?
5 Dec 18, 16:13
AnjaBear: The thing is, until now all the dedicated sharers were putting relevant products, current ones on here. With at least 2-3 sources of which 2 were usually free, or limited time use. Now this is a hellish dump of unrelated products which have ALL been on here before, many of them recently. And products which have no reference as to what they are or where they came from. the first 3-4 pages of this site are filled with only this VIP recommend "gold" person, and this is only a bid to earn him/her money. I will be going to another site from now on until this "gold" person is restrained and put on a leash by the Admins.
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