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22 Oct 19, 02:44
bradspot: @joedirt - ah, I see - hazy recollection of using that once !
21 Oct 19, 17:02
joedirt: @bradspot thanks @wh00zask1n thanks
21 Oct 19, 17:01
joedirt: @bradspot I was thinking of the product/view/ID thing. That's how I used to save files I wanted to get later.
21 Oct 19, 16:31
bradspot: IIRC On the top Daz menu > help > Wiki and you should be able to go from there. you could search there if you have a name 1st just to see your way around
21 Oct 19, 14:40
wh00zask1n: @joedirt You mean ... It's still used by some uploaders in their description links
21 Oct 19, 05:37
joedirt: Hi all! I can see the chat is basically dead. Does anyone remember the "trick" for being able to go to a daz3d page just by using the SKU number? I know there is a way, I just forgot how. THought someone here might be able to help me out.
11 Oct 19, 20:22
myuhinny: @joedirt I believe I did.
10 Oct 19, 18:45
joedirt: @myuhinny I got expired session on Douploads, but did you make sure to untick the box that says download with addons?
10 Oct 19, 13:57
sarah2019: Ty so much for all the amazing things you all posted
6 Oct 19, 19:20
bradspot: [re chrome]
6 Oct 19, 19:19
bradspot: echo that
6 Oct 19, 18:51
myuhinny: Yui character and hair for genesis 8 female with the DoUploads downloaad and got a file named yui character and hair for genesis 8 inside was a .exe file. DAZ files usually don't come in this format so downloaded it from somehere else and had normal file. Running the .exe one through virus total threw up 6 different malware/virus warnings. I'll be sure to stay awat from DoUploads downloads from now on.
6 Oct 19, 17:08
charliecat: works in chrome Coyote, hates firefix
5 Oct 19, 23:42
CoyoteSeven: Guess I'll wait until Valdemort stteals it and use RapidGator... even at it's worst, RG is faster than the kitty or the mixer.
5 Oct 19, 23:40
CoyoteSeven: Grrrr... :furious: UpLoadShip is USELESS!!! Even after disabling all my adkillers and other plugins, it still won't let me have squat. Guess
5 Oct 19, 10:18
Cloud381: hi guys
5 Oct 19, 07:37
bradspot: lol, yeah ...
4 Oct 19, 23:52
CoyoteSeven: Ya know, it's sad to admit, but there are times I do mis the screeches, squawks, beeps, burps, farts, whistles and hisses of connecting to the web with a modem. It was like opening presents on Christmas morning when you finally got on and fired up your "student" liscenced copy of NutScrape... errr, I meant NetScape. :lol:
2 Oct 19, 13:49
CoyoteSeven: Ahhh, memories of days gone by. Want to relive the glory days of the dial-up 56K modem? Then MixLoad is the place for you! :nuts:
2 Oct 19, 07:32
joedirt: @hansolo33 thanks for letting me know.
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