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18 Apr 18, 02:33
StarryEyes: oooo, ok.
18 Apr 18, 02:17
Don_k: My cousin builds Servers, can ask him about a license.
18 Apr 18, 02:11
StarryEyes: <chuckles> Wade has develop a way to tell me he wants out. He gets up on the shekf behind the computer then reaches out and claws at the foam I have in the window next to it snd looks at me. He also knows what the word "Out" means and will respond to it. He also knows the sound the handle makes when I click it several times. Palette also knows he sound and what it means, that I'm willing to open the door and let them out if they want it an will come to the door. Mayham on the other hand, when he wants out, he just goes up to the screen door and claws at it. (The screen door on an RV is on the insde, with the sold door on the outside.)
18 Apr 18, 01:23
StarryEyes: It supports dual processors and should have al of the drivers I need, and if not, they are avaible for it. If nothng else, I do believe the drivers for 2012 R2 will work under Win7U.
18 Apr 18, 01:22
StarryEyes: It costs WAY too much to buy and though I have tough about tryng to find a copy somewhere on line, I have decided against it. I can get a license copy of Win7U at a reasonable price.
18 Apr 18, 01:06
Don_k: Server 08 is XP, so prolly is Server 12
18 Apr 18, 00:40
StarryEyes: I considered trying to get a hold of the Win7 Server, I think it's Server 2012 R2 but the cost is WAY too much for me.
18 Apr 18, 00:37
StarryEyes: I found me a small rack on Amazon that I think will work just perfectly for both of them and will fit where I want it too. I still haven't decided if I am going to put Linux on the other or see if Win7U will work on it has well.
18 Apr 18, 00:36
StarryEyes: Oh, I am hoping once I am finish moving that I can finally look to setting up one of the blade servers I have. I'm going to install win7 Ultimate on it.
18 Apr 18, 00:35
StarryEyes: I've even though about getting a second line, one that I would connect to my computers permently but with me having wi-fi again, I dont think I will.
18 Apr 18, 00:26
Don_k: Makes perfect sense
18 Apr 18, 00:25
StarryEyes: I'm likeing this new phone too. It's so much beter then the old one. Stronger signal for one thing. Now I don't have to go ooutside to talk like I use too. I'm still considering a RV booster though.
18 Apr 18, 00:21
StarryEyes: Very nice. Worth the $10 whole dollars I paid for it.
18 Apr 18, 00:18
Don_k: Nice
18 Apr 18, 00:11
StarryEyes: I got a neat little app on my phone which hide my tethering so it looks like it is the phone which bypasses my data limit. My phone has unlimited data usage bu a limit on tethering data.
18 Apr 18, 00:10
StarryEyes: Actually my phone will stay the same. My rent will go up,it will be higher then here, though it will include water, and I will still have my electric has well which should be about the same.
18 Apr 18, 00:05
Don_k: Sounds good, lower bill as well.
18 Apr 18, 00:02
StarryEyes: On the up side, the RV park I do believe have wi-fi so I'm going to have (hopefully) a better connection then I do with y phone, though phone has for the most part been excellent.
18 Apr 18, 00:01
StarryEyes: I will.
18 Apr 18, 00:01
Don_k: Text me later, OK?
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