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28 Nov 20, 16:41
alixwengyi: Hello
22 Nov 20, 22:00
hansolo33: Does anyone have a serial number for aniSound?
22 Nov 20, 07:12
kustoff68: here are links only to the most insane file sharing
17 Nov 20, 15:49
HectorNY: What is it to these links to
13 Nov 20, 18:27
joedirt: all I have is the dynamics. GUess it was on one of my online storage places that I forgot about?
13 Nov 20, 01:38
KristieKelly: Does anyone have DMR Moon Cult. Links are dead. Thank you
11 Nov 20, 14:12
CoyoteSeven: But just so you know, out of respect for other uploaders I will not make a second posting of their items until they expire. The TOS allows uploaders to use whatever storage server they choose. While I'm definitely not one of the biggest fans of these slow servers, I suck it up and am thankful for their contributions.
11 Nov 20, 13:43
CoyoteSeven: Since I use MEGA as my storage server, most of my uploads are still available. However, if you do see something that you're interested in and it's no longer there (I sometimes go through and remove files that haven't seen traffic in quite awhile), send me a Personal Message and I'll try to reload it for you. But be patient, I have over 100k items in my archives (ranging from Vicky4 to Vicky8) and it may take awhile... if I even still have it. Either way, I'll do my best to help you out... but I make no promises.
11 Nov 20, 03:03
CoyoteSeven: @nohaxor... probably the only way you're going to speed up download speeds is to buy a premium account at whatever storage site the person that uploaded it is using. BTW, that's why I use Mega... even at its slowest, it's 20= times faster than most others, and the files don't disappear after 60-90 days.
10 Nov 20, 22:15
peterblood: TheCentralDistrictSubwayStation... anyone got this to share? Need desperately. Thanx if you can help or even you can't. Take care.
8 Nov 20, 14:04
nohaxor: my download speed are slow how can i make it fast?
3 Nov 20, 17:39
joedirt: how is everyone making it here, so far this month?
30 Oct 20, 05:25
bradspot: @ Pandorum - thanks !
29 Oct 20, 06:12
bradspot: won't really know until a new post becomes visible ...
28 Oct 20, 00:15
Gamer: I hope not, this site is the best of it's kind.
27 Oct 20, 18:44
cachou: is the site down?
26 Oct 20, 08:33
designersinner: i am trying to request here section but always get an eroor
26 Oct 20, 08:33
designersinner: hi can we post requests here
21 Oct 20, 16:21
drmgmt32: Does anyone have a copy of the Aery Soul's collection?
15 Oct 20, 21:49
Hakkman747: bradspot - thats typical lol
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