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16 Jan 17, 14:22
CoyoteSeven: Damn emojis! That was supposed to be: Believe it or n-o-t .
16 Jan 17, 14:20
CoyoteSeven: The ONLY shipper I've never had a problem with... the US Postal Service. Believe it or not. :glad:
16 Jan 17, 05:09
Don_k: The engine was a 4 rotor Wankel for a Mazda drift car, shipped UPS. The ONLY shipper I haven't heard horror stories about is DHL.

Glad your ma got a fair resolution on that one.

On the Phone delivery, the driver gave it to his Weed supplier, the fck.
16 Jan 17, 04:19
StarryEyes: My mom ordeed some custom curtains once and had them shipped via FexEx overnight. They was suppose to arrive on either tuesday or wensday. Every morning mom would check the fedex site tracking and it would say they was on the truck to be delivered and they that afrernoon it would be checked back into the depot has undelievered and they was home all day. They finally got them when they called the depot on Friday and filed a formal complaint. Originally they tried to tell them would have to wait tillmonday to dilever it since they do nt dilever on the weekends and my parents raised hell over it and the depot manager took it upon himself to hand deliver them saterdat morning and they was reinpersed the over night dilevery charges they had paid.
16 Jan 17, 04:12
StarryEyes: I read an article whe a iy order several thounds dollars worth of custom engine parts and they distroyed the shiping label and sold it off has unclaimed and undeliverable to someone who then put it up for auction.
16 Jan 17, 04:10
Don_k: It is the second time we have had an issue with FedEx, last time they mis-delivered a $1000 cellphone for my nephew, we had to get the police involved to get it back.
16 Jan 17, 03:42
StarryEyes: I perfer ups.
16 Jan 17, 03:42
StarryEyes: I myself have not had problems with fedex but I've known people who have.
16 Jan 17, 03:33
Don_k: I HATE FedEx. Got a package containing service parts for my CPAP machine, box arrived open with half of the order missing, called them up & filed a complaint, still didn't get the form in my email 12 hours later.
16 Jan 17, 03:30
Don_k: I hear you there.
16 Jan 17, 03:28
StarryEyes: I amso looking forward to getting either the lap or the desktop up and running.
16 Jan 17, 03:27
Don_k: Cranking up the clock allowed me to render the full map in GTA San Andreas, I could climb Mt. Chiliad with a scoped rifle ans see all the way into Las Venturas.
16 Jan 17, 03:24
StarryEyes: I've never overclocked a system save for my laptop and it did that itself. The CPU was an intel C7 with turbo boost.
16 Jan 17, 03:22
Don_k: Everything in my system was overclocked, even the RAM.
16 Jan 17, 03:22
StarryEyes: I kept filling them up.
16 Jan 17, 03:21
StarryEyes: I didn't even try to over clock the cpu, it handle everything I threw at it with pazazz and is that all you got for me? My only limits with 3D was the amount of system ram and video ram.
16 Jan 17, 03:20
Don_k: Cool. Even with the overclocking, my CPU stayed under 120F with a stock heatsink.
16 Jan 17, 03:20
StarryEyes: I can hardly wait to start getting the last of the parts to put the system back together.
16 Jan 17, 03:19
StarryEyes: I miss that 6 core. I got it for a steal when they first came out.
16 Jan 17, 03:18
StarryEyes: My old graphics system had a Phenom II 3.0ghz6core with 4gb system ram and a nvideia card with 512mb of ram. I don't rememer which chipset the video card had. I still have it, it's put away with the rest of the salavaged hardware from the old system. It tested still good.
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