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21 Feb 19, 05:30
joedirt: like use DAZ get a few belts that look similar then straighten them out then wraps them around the boots as a morph for the boots. THat was at least my line of thoughts for it anyway.
21 Feb 19, 05:29
joedirt: I'm trying to use DAZ as a base and just adjust them in blender.
20 Feb 19, 07:37
area 88: where are you making them? i want to make my own clothes too
20 Feb 19, 05:36
joedirt: I would like to access the collective knowledge of everyone in chat! I'm making some boots and they need to have belts around them, in specific places. I tried one belt scaling it down and it ended up warping strangly. Anyone have any suggestions?
19 Feb 19, 16:19
area 88: i dont know where everyone got the nun costume but... to my surprise, it was put on voldemorts site first. amazing
19 Feb 19, 05:04
area 88: between rapid**** and scatfile, ill take rapid any day
19 Feb 19, 01:28
StarryEyes: CPU's measure in single digit or very low 10's and MHZ. Memory measure in kilobytes.5.25" floppy at I think 320kb each, full height in size
19 Feb 19, 01:14
StarryEyes: @CoyoteSeven - That may have been a 20mb hard drive.
19 Feb 19, 01:07
StarryEyes: @CoyoteSeven -56k? How about 14.4 or even 9.6 and monochrome green screen and os that actually boot from flobbies because 5 MB HD cost around $600.
18 Feb 19, 22:29
CoyoteSeven: @Area88... even better, shall we travel back to the good old days of dial-up and the 56K modem? Just try to DL from Rockfile and relive those glorious times! ..k..
16 Feb 19, 14:08
area 88: please stop using katfile. its worse than rapidgator since i cant use a vpn on it
16 Feb 19, 11:31
area 88: wtf, im finding lost of files on douploads less than a month old already deleted
16 Feb 19, 02:28
area 88: he must have a funkton of hdds for that
16 Feb 19, 02:28
area 88: thats something i commend voldemort for, he updates files quite quickly
15 Feb 19, 20:40
StarryEyes: I need to update most of mine.
15 Feb 19, 14:03
freeko: ffs do people not bother to maintain their links anymore here?
14 Feb 19, 05:32
redronin: Tried uploading something, but even following the simple direction I can't get the preview image from imgur to show correctly.
14 Feb 19, 04:50
StarryEyes: Your welcome.
14 Feb 19, 04:50
StarryEyes: All the Poser AND Studio files.
14 Feb 19, 04:49
area 88: but your pack did contain them, thank you!
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