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21 Oct 18, 00:55
StarryEyes: ugh - I'm on the generator. The power went out a couble of hours ago.
17 Oct 18, 19:41
StarryEyes: I like uploadocean has well. I do use Mega over on Zone. Eventually I plan on updating all of my links here to Mega. I'll use other for new posts then later convert them to Mega once the rush is over.
17 Oct 18, 18:07
Toriton: I just like uploadocean~
17 Oct 18, 01:31
Don_k: I have half of my uploads here on MEGA, a handful on MediaFire, the rest are on our own File Host. Mega will delete high-volume files, sure sign something is Pirated. You also cannot generate income using Mega, which makes it less attractive for most uploaders.
16 Oct 18, 22:22
area 88: but nobody uploads on mega here, for whatever illogical reason
16 Oct 18, 10:38
DVoid: Another host I like, is Mega.
16 Oct 18, 10:38
DVoid: Douploads is definitely the preferred host. It's fast and supports concurrent downloads. I've had links from Rapidgator before that were many years old and was still working, so I'm grateful for that.
16 Oct 18, 10:29
area 88: rapidsheet gives you 30 dyas to store your stuff. if nobody downloads in 30 days, its gone
16 Oct 18, 10:29
area 88: i can download a lot of things on the same day
16 Oct 18, 10:28
area 88: douploads is better
16 Oct 18, 09:12
DVoid: I've considered getting a Rapidgator account, before.
16 Oct 18, 09:11
DVoid: Rapidgator is slow, but it works and links seem to stay active the longest on there.
16 Oct 18, 05:42
ChillXo: @HectorNY rapidgator works ok for me
16 Oct 18, 02:34
HectorNY: Why is most of the good stuff on Rapidgator? It doesn't even work anymore. It just freezes at "Starting...".
14 Oct 18, 18:53
Toriton: @ChillXo Certainly, that was the resource of how many years ago.
14 Oct 18, 13:21
ChillXo: [link] all URLs are dead
14 Oct 18, 13:20
ChillXo: Apparently im in now
14 Oct 18, 13:19
ChillXo: I can't login
13 Oct 18, 23:34
area 88: thats why i sometimes go to zone, because they dont use rapidsheet
13 Oct 18, 23:10
area 88: ugh, why upload stuff to rapidgator :/
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