26 Jul 12, 08:05
georgina: hi, ive been playing petz sinnce i was 6 but never looked into it much. What are hexed pets? re they like crossbreeds?
16 Feb 11, 01:39
Tera2: Most sites are just ran by people who put a link to their own files so you'd have to e-mail them your pets or something or start your own site. Hope that helps.
15 Feb 11, 05:01
Haleyy: hey, I am new.. And I was just wondering, how do i post my petz for adoption? I dont want to delete them, and i dont know how to post them up for adoption on any sites.. some body help please?
7 Feb 11, 00:58
Celty: hi
1 Feb 11, 06:01
BlackStorm: hi
30 Jan 11, 02:47
Celty: I am
30 Jan 11, 00:40
Zhenya: anyone here?!
28 Jan 11, 02:12
Celty: lol hi!
27 Jan 11, 07:30
phoebe: huh?
27 Jan 11, 07:29
phoebe: any 1 here
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