29 Oct 13, 12:24
iklankerja.my: iklankan kerja kosong disini.percuma!
19 May 13, 08:53
FreeProductTesting: hi, nice blog! want to exchange links? www.FreeProductTesting.com contact us
31 Dec 10, 16:47
Wen Lin: Michelle enjoyed 2010. Thanks for being apart of it. Have a great 2011
30 Jul 10, 19:04
ji@w3n: yoyoyoyoyoyo nice blog din realise you got blog... so many memorable event inside this blog.... nice to meet you ler mic mich michelle =0 muackss take care in UK ler waiting u back KL =p
14 May 10, 03:30
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13 May 10, 03:44
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6 May 10, 12:51
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23 Jan 10, 17:21
sherene: hey, pretty! :)
24 Nov 09, 20:24
Soongs: Woot woot.... michelle has already gotten new shoe... time for SALI CHICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
21 Oct 09, 02:55
17 Oct 09, 17:24
Wen Lin: Yipee that is a plus!! New shoes!!!! =) Faster go get new shoes and come for training we need more players for Sali!!!
17 Oct 09, 11:35
mic: now cannot play games....=( time to get a new sport shoe!
13 Oct 09, 15:33
Wen Lin: Oh no. Ur nike shoes gone. !!!!
13 Aug 09, 23:03
David NG: have come to you bloggy for the very 1st time.. xD
29 Jun 09, 21:49
Mic: haha..cuz u put dis link on ur MSN...^^ Hi Tammy~
28 Jun 09, 12:19
Tammy: OMG Michelle Leong! Another blogger! Awesome!
28 Jun 09, 01:07
myself: hey cool....didnt know you got my link..i was shock when i see my name in chat box...enjoy reading...soon it's gonna be our post..
26 Jun 09, 21:16
Mic: Hi michelle! ^^ ya, im da another michelle! nice to see u here n such a nice blog! lookin forward for more interaction btwn AAV2 n APR1 ya..cheers!
7 Jun 09, 19:36
myself: hey shoban!!! you are wrong...that is bcoz im very busy!!! i have loads of things to share...i got to go again...hahaha
2 Jun 09, 12:02
joiz3: hey michie! i see that you've been updating quite a lot. glad to hear you're doing well. :) miss you.
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