18 May 18, 19:22
KITT: thanks for sharing your wonderful kits
16 Mar 18, 18:20
Heike: Hi Dianna, hope you are feel well &you are OK. When not, wish you feel better soon hugs
9 Dec 17, 23:11
Wendy: The password to medafire for the kit New Beginnings is not working. Can you help please?
24 Aug 17, 15:32
Heike: Hi Dianna, Thank you very much Hugs
11 Feb 17, 06:16
Bekki: Thank you so much for your free kits
10 Feb 17, 01:55
jayne adams: thank u 4 shading
27 Jan 17, 16:05
Isabelen: TY hun for all your freebies, love your kits.
24 Dec 16, 20:20
Heike: Hello Dianna, Thank you very much. Wish you Merry Christmas
16 Dec 16, 09:40
Isabelen: TY so much for all you rBT parts, love them all...
8 Dec 16, 01:01
Wade: Thank you so much for the Checking It Twice kit! It's exactly what I was looking for. :)
2 Dec 16, 21:20
jayne adams: thank u 4 these wounderfull kit's :heart:
27 Sep 16, 14:51
Chris: I can't get any downloads from this site at all since you had computerproblems I just get a blank page, when I click the pink download button
26 Sep 16, 13:24
jayne adams: thank's 4 the wounderfull kits
20 Aug 16, 12:12
Isabelen: TYVM for the BT parts, love your work. :)
20 Jul 16, 16:17
Libby: Thanks for participating in the DigiBlogTrain. Not sure what Tagger Size is....
6 Jul 16, 15:16
Kelly: Thank you so much for freely sharing all your awesome work!
3 Jul 16, 08:39
scangel: thank you for all the lovely kits.
11 Apr 16, 17:05
Mary: Hello, so sorry to bother you! But on the April Showers BT the tagger and full size are the same.
1 Apr 16, 05:18
Charlieonline.it: please can you correct my name on DigiExpress? it is as usual Charlieonline.it. ty
31 Mar 16, 01:17
WingedHeart: Thank you!
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