8 May 09, 14:48
Dodie: from today the Cbox is only visible on Dodie's Dreamworld. xxx
6 May 09, 17:07
seligor: also at dodies (diddilydeedot). they are visible on all three sites
6 May 09, 17:06
seligor: this is a message box , where you can leave messages for seligor's castle, diddilydeedots dreamland
5 May 09, 16:43
Donz33: Oh dear why has she such a sad face. Poor thing. Donz XXX :o
5 May 09, 11:40
Dodie: Now, now girls. Don't get too excited it's only a good looking chunk of a man saying Howdy Ma'am. XX
5 May 09, 02:04
Kayleigh: Oh Mum they are so cute, love them. Send me them please. xxx
4 May 09, 23:10
Diddilydeedot: I suppose you think you are being real clever. Seligor. xxx :)
4 May 09, 23:08
Dodie: what on earth are you adding to the pages now Seli?
4 May 09, 15:37
Seligor: This is very easy to use, just fill in your name and email address or url to your own site and then write your message.