3 Mar 16, 02:01
Mitch and Molly: ☺
12 Apr 15, 20:33
Hootie: Yippee, it works!!
9 Feb 15, 11:34
K and Toby: wanted to share some super welsh terrier artwork with your readers. https://www.etsy.com/shop/Tintinnabulums?ref=hdr_shop_menu
11 Dec 14, 14:22
Mitch and Molly: Yup, it's still working!
26 Jun 14, 18:20
Hootie: Does this still work? Well, let's just seeeeeeee.
7 Jan 13, 09:54
Hootie: Testing. Testing. Are you still out there??!! bol.
6 May 11, 02:39
Maggie & Mitch: Happy birthday, Hootie :biggrin:
17 Mar 11, 00:13
BabyRocketDog&Hootie: Oh so glad you liked the bones Jake & Fergi! We are big into yummy treats!! XXOO-BRD & Hoots
17 Mar 11, 00:12
BabyRocketDog&Hootie: Oh so glad you liked the bones Jakle & Fergi! We are big into yummy treats!! XXOO-BRD & Hoots
1 Mar 11, 19:33
Jake and Fergi: We LOVE the peanut butter mini bones ... just finished our first two and are licking our chops! Yummmmm! Thanks!
14 Dec 10, 09:14
Thuglets: Thank you so much for your kind words and support on our sad loss of Dorcus. It has meant so much. Thank you TTx
5 Nov 10, 08:49
Butchy & Katie: We were too for awhile and had to ban some. Have a great weekend!
26 Oct 10, 09:54
Hootie: Mom just had to ban several spammers from our cbox. We keep getting adverts from spamers. Does anyone else have this problem??
22 Oct 10, 16:01
Eric: happy weekend squarie cousin and the welshie bug haaaaaa!!!
18 Oct 10, 15:53
lovelygirl: Well said, you just earned another subscriber
17 Oct 10, 03:40
Noah Willow Tess Lucy: We know we've been very slack but D cant get motivated. How sad is she. You're right though, thank goodness for FB. That site is just so easy to get about.
3 Oct 10, 20:13
BabyRocketDog: Hey Thuglets! Mama has a fire in the fireplace and we're playing inside ball!! X-BRD
2 Oct 10, 10:09
The Thuglets: What you up toooooooo? Whatever have a good weekend! TTx
16 Sep 10, 10:23
Hootie: PLEASE, please NO ADVERTISING on our cbox!! Please.
11 Aug 10, 01:41
Cassie: Kayo, you and Kevin are special people. I sent you an email yesterday.X-C
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