7 Jun 14, 04:31
Seraphimus: Still doing so every now and then though. I do hope life is going well for you.
7 Jun 14, 04:30
Seraphimus: Been more than a year since I last checked in
9 Feb 13, 21:32
Sharif: I'm moving the website from one server to another right now. The site may go down for a few hours/days. It's not dead.
20 Jan 13, 02:53
Seraphimus: Well I look forwards to any updates in teh future. Wow it's been a while since I stopped by.
8 Jan 13, 16:40
Sharif: I will work on Mr. Faux every 4 years so as not to pull myself too thinly. I'm trying to reassess how I do things while still managing to make friends.
8 Jan 13, 16:39
Sharif: Thanks for checking in Seraphimus. Right now I've decided to keep going with Your Face Is a Comic. Only now I'm starting a new project. But Your Face Is a Comic will continue.
19 Mar 12, 21:33
seraphimus: Hey just checking in again. how's life?
29 Aug 11, 19:40
Seraphimus: And even if infrequently, know, that I, for one, will always be keeping an eye out here.
29 Aug 11, 19:39
Seraphimus: Good luck in life and all things.
29 Aug 11, 19:39
Seraphimus: I still think you have a grand story to tell, A real genuine epic, and I truly hope, that you can find yourself and teh drive to tell the story you were made to tell. Whatever it is.
29 Aug 11, 19:38
Seraphimus: You're artwork may not be phenomenal, but there is a reason I still check back here from time to time.
29 Aug 11, 19:37
Seraphimus: Life is hard, I understand. I wish you luck in all things.. And sharif? Don't sell yourself short.
19 Jul 11, 01:06
Sharif: I know that's a lot of text and most won't read. Essentially I just said that life sucks and is hard but I'll get back to the comic when I can.
5 Jul 11, 02:41
Seraphimus: wow, so quiet here :(
16 May 11, 00:49
Seraphimus: that's pretty Cool ^^ XD
1 May 11, 21:39
Sharif: Ha, nice coincidence. Bin Laden was killed on our 4th anniversary.
9 Apr 11, 22:55
Sharif: I've been busy since graduation. Job hunting and editing for my friends. Also doing a guest blog for a friend. I'll post a link to it with the next update.
24 Mar 11, 22:53
Seraphimus: Hey, how goes it?
20 Mar 11, 00:31
Sharif: Well, as long as you came back...whomever you are.
7 Mar 11, 18:42
wow: Apaprently I haven<t been here in forever... Sorry, how goes it?
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