18 Oct 17, 02:06
rob: thats great to hear, cheers Steve!
15 Oct 17, 17:41
Steve: Chill I need your email to set enable you to post again - hit me up and we will get it sorted
15 Oct 17, 17:39
Steve: Rob !!!! Hey bro, I still have your mix in the motor always !! Class mix - quality, gutted it went the way it did hear - just such a shame - it was buzzing and a real good vibe
12 Oct 17, 16:29
rob: greets guys, Stevie - awesome posts mate will enjoy these. i loved this blog and really appreciated Daz for reaching out & asking me to make a mix for the site
4 Oct 17, 18:44
chillone: Steve sent me the link of your account and sent me a invite for this blog too. i wlll comeback and start posting.
1 Oct 17, 21:05
Stevie G: Yeah deffo chill - it was buzzing before !! Think the beef between a couple of peeps killed it then off tbh !!! Shame
1 Oct 17, 21:03
Stevie G: Yes chill still got my mixcloud account - Ezzze Paul, hope you’re well mate - think it’s the same for everyone, not having the time to post !!
29 Sep 17, 16:32
chillone: Paul is all good,hope you too.daam it is really going down. Stevie you still have mixcloud? i miss the old dyas with all guys around
28 Sep 17, 12:49
paul: im still about chaps but dont have the time to post anymore-hope all is good with you both-what happned to gazza
25 Sep 17, 03:24
chillone: dj shortkut radio love love https://www.mixcloud.com/radiolovelove/167-w-dj-shortkut/
25 Sep 17, 03:17
chillone: need to bring back Paul here
18 Sep 17, 11:48
Stevie G: Yeah definitely seems that way, tbh this one is exactly the same, dead as a dodo lol - thats why I thought I would post a few mixes up keep it rolling
17 Sep 17, 14:39
chillone: i'm fine,mate.glad to see that you still going here. a lot of mixes blogs are dead
15 Sep 17, 21:44
Stevie G: Yes Chill !! How you doing ?? Long time, thought I would post up a few mixes, keep the vibe alive lol
15 Sep 17, 18:12
chillone: nice stevie
15 Aug 17, 14:07
Zumi TnkZ: For jazzy hiphop lovers, we've just released "DJ Quiet - Sagishi" on cassette tape. PEAce. Z https://tnkz.bandcamp.com/album/sagishi
20 Apr 17, 20:42
Gaz: Greetings people :biggrin:
17 Apr 17, 15:37
chillone: keep it up, mates.wondering if anyone has apple music? beat jinkies is on promo tour and they puting up mixes there.
7 Apr 17, 12:42
paul: no worries mate was kidding
5 Apr 17, 01:29
forylla: I may have paul...either you or that other guy...cant remember
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