9 Jul 18, 13:38
paul: of course you are mate-hopefully ill get around to it
6 Jul 18, 02:42
forylla: im in paul obviously haha
5 Jul 18, 10:21
bugel: heres a link to download the summertime9
4 Jul 18, 16:48
paul: whta do you think then
4 Jul 18, 10:05
Stevie G: :biggrin: Yeah sorry Paul, was just posting mixes - yeah didn't pay much attention to the message box lol
2 Jul 18, 12:04
paul: stevie dont you read the messages lol
2 Jul 18, 12:03
paul: deathhop i was -anyone interested on getting ivolved on the cloud page
1 Jul 18, 20:43
rob: I can hav a look in my files paul, might be a couple weeks though
1 Jul 18, 20:42
rob: cheers Paul but I'm sure Somar beats me hands down I never get a minute to DJ now!
28 Jun 18, 23:21
Deathhop: cheers Paul!!! if you were referring to my electro mixes?!
26 Jun 18, 10:24
paul: i know dj somar through soulseek -good dj not sure if he is as good as rob lol
25 Jun 18, 11:42
paul: i wanna share it all-steve havent forgot the dj jazzy jeff-i xtra mix-i use apple now real ****ter
25 Jun 18, 11:41
paul: i wanna share all my stuff for you guys-i cant get around my security setttings to get on soulseek to share ryan was talking about a getting a cloud page where you download from if anyone is interes
25 Jun 18, 11:38
paul: i love x rated
25 Jun 18, 11:38
paul: rob i have them disnt you originally post them to to mixcrate think you sent them to me on soulseek we used to trade quite a bite
25 Jun 18, 11:37
paul: deathhop they were ****ing good mixes
25 Jun 18, 11:36
paul: scratchalot how are you my friend ive tried to reach out with over the years-sorry to hear you lost your hd worse thing in the work-i can help as i need to assist ryan as well
24 Jun 18, 17:14
Rob: Cheers man yeah fan of x-rateds mixes
20 Jun 18, 12:49
deathhop: Paul (one for Rob too). If you havent already heard this.. should be right up your street.. https://soundcloud.com/djxrated/official-street-sounds-electro-mix-dj-x-rated
18 Jun 18, 14:02
rob: Paul might be able to help, he's on here regularly scratchalot
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