16 Feb 18, 15:29
chillone: haha..well greetings to the lady
15 Feb 18, 19:12
Stevie G: lol nice one chill, it’s more my Mrs is the garage head I just go along with it 😂😂 don’t mind a bit now and again, definitely more hip hop or DnB for me
15 Feb 18, 18:30
chillone: So Solid Crew Boiler Room UKG20 London Live Set https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEzX4Dc4oBA
15 Feb 18, 18:29
chillone: Stevie Heartless Crew Boiler Room UKG20 London Live Set https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ7x-it5VdQ
14 Feb 18, 23:50
rob: wow nice skully post!
14 Feb 18, 16:16
chillone: Hamza feel free to come back and post something here,mate
12 Feb 18, 06:54
Hamza21: I'll start posting on the new site March 5. Mosyly just my mixeswith few exceptions
11 Feb 18, 15:42
chillone: i get you,man.so whats up with your new domain?
11 Feb 18, 01:49
Hamza 21: I'm doing good Chillone. It was time to go, there isn't as mnay underground Hip hop mixes as they used be anymore and it's not worth the time trying to find them
10 Feb 18, 22:32
chillone: hamza how you doing,man? Never thought that you will shutting down your blog.Read that couple dyas ago-
10 Feb 18, 22:27
chillone: Michael we don't have it.I'm sorry and btw thats crap ****.
10 Feb 18, 20:58
Michael: Can You Upload Every Mixtape by Clinton Sparks, Please? I've Got a List Thx!!! http://www54.zippyshare.com/v/OoIuxV0o/file.html
10 Feb 18, 07:20
Hamza21: You're welcome foryalla,
10 Feb 18, 03:22
forylla: thanks for the post hamza
10 Feb 18, 03:22
forylla: k ill resend it
9 Feb 18, 18:11
paul: ryan no mate
8 Feb 18, 19:28
chillone: Paulyphonic any mixes left in your treasure box,mate?
7 Feb 18, 00:22
forylla: paul you get my email?
6 Feb 18, 19:15
Stevie G: I've upped it to mediafire the DJ Rhettmatic mix chaps
6 Feb 18, 17:33
paul: ive got the rhettmatic of cd or ripped file if you want it
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