23 Jun 13, 00:43
miss tiarra: u headache? read here :)
16 Feb 12, 10:30
xfos: i love your blog, nice information.
18 Aug 11, 13:28
yvoone: hey sandhurst make me a supermodel is showing in the UK now im on your team !!!! hope all is good your gonna go far love your accent my dad is Jamacian love the carribbean accents xxxxx
5 Aug 11, 03:28
Rhy: At LAX security check a few nights ago I kept asking you if I knew you or were a dancer. As you walked to your gate it finally dawned on me why I asked you that question
21 Jul 11, 05:33
kamil: you are so fantastical! : DD
3 Feb 11, 00:18
RedLips: Hi Blogwalking visit. Will Missed you
5 Nov 10, 21:27
chessboygw: cool show very funny
19 Aug 10, 18:16
meek: hey Sandhurst...are you signed to any agencies in Trinidad and Tobago? Why did you leave NYMM?
16 Aug 10, 17:21
SANDHURST: Hey Spencer I am currently not signed to an Agency. I do my own bookings
16 Aug 10, 13:05
spencer: what agency are you currently signed with?
24 Jul 10, 16:03
joseph: continue reaching for the stars bro. make we Trini's proud
4 Jul 10, 06:02
Shantal: I was especially fond of you because of your dance background, it gives you a beautiful uniqueness. When are you coming to the UK?
4 Jul 10, 06:01
Shantal: Hey Sandhurst, I'm in the UK, I was a big fan of the show and loved all three of you! Thought you all have lovely fresh and down-to-earth personalities.
1 Jul 10, 06:44
SANDHURST: Branden and I never moved in with each other he never really moved to NYC He lives in LA
13 Jun 10, 01:07
cere: are you still living/rooming with branden?
11 May 10, 22:35
m2m: wow, love this blog
11 May 10, 22:33
m2m: wow, love this blog
4 Dec 09, 13:47
natashaAlia: nice blog ;D
23 Nov 09, 14:00
Kmy: Muy bueno el blog, te recomiendo que uses Adweblink para ganar plata y hacerlo Rentable! o para recibir más visitas al sitio. Saludos y Suerte. El sitio es http://www.adweblink.com/?refe=camila
14 Nov 09, 17:57
BkylnInDaHouse: whaaa!! I didn't know you were at the Antilia event
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