23 Dec 12, 05:09
linda pc: hye :) visit me back ya ;)
1 Dec 12, 10:40
zull pc: sharing my blogpctips :)
26 Oct 12, 02:45
tiarra: blogwalking my blog too okay :)
31 May 12, 18:16
sunny: I visit back. your blog is amazing. great work bigbigbig LIKE ;)
16 Oct 09, 01:13
irene leong: nic,u look so....doing fish spa...very itch right??Lol!!when then can i see u,like so long liao...
4 Oct 09, 23:22
irene leong: nic,chloe is growing so fast,wow..
6 Sep 09, 19:23
Nic: Ya is at Harbourfront..She like to swim very much..she so happy next tues bring her go swim again..Dunno wen my bb can say ang gu gu to me heehee..
1 Sep 09, 21:52
enci: he say alot of nonsense and baby language, very talkative. haha!!! :) the swiimming thing is at harbourfront rite?
26 Aug 09, 17:52
Nic: Ya time past super fast,I saw ur boy in ur blog,he also getting bigger le hor,he can say ang gu gu already??
20 Aug 09, 23:07
enci: oops. they trans me to rc le :) its ok , u stil can brim bb go der walk walk oso rite! :) so fast rite , chloe is abt to 1 mth , and my is coming 3 next mth. !! :)
12 Aug 09, 13:15
Nic: Winda:Thanx thnax... :)
12 Aug 09, 13:15
Nic: Enci:Next time me n my hubby bring BB out i go paragon find u lo.. :)
11 Aug 09, 21:30
winda: congrats nicole! :)
10 Aug 09, 15:42
enci: ha. my son was named by god oso de. chi name very important. i returining wrkk next mth le. yep i stil at paragon unless they trans me away lo
10 Aug 09, 14:51
Nic: Enci:Not yet we r waiting for shi fu to pass e name list to us by next week.Hopefully can get a nice name for her lo..Wen u start work?Station at wer?Still e same place?
10 Aug 09, 02:44
enci: any chi name for bb chloe le?
7 Aug 09, 12:58
Nic: Sara:haha..ya lo coz Ben still not working yet still on leave ma,that's y he free to update e blog lo,i take care of baby Chloe lo..She really Cute haha..
7 Aug 09, 02:16
sara: haha! i like the new skin! so cute. i like the pic of nicole wif chloe 'kiap-ed' under her arm.
6 Aug 09, 20:59
Nic: ok i got it already...u take care yeah
6 Aug 09, 00:57
enci: think u link me wrong liao. behind lik gt extra words that y cnt get to my blog. relink me k - fromthereonwards.blogspot.com hee thanks thanks n loves! :)
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