7 Jun 16, 09:05
Elle: Hey Sophie, Just extending an invitation to visit my new fanart challenge website! :)
17 Apr 16, 07:44
Tee: Hey I'd love for you to join my MB if you get chance! x
26 Jan 16, 11:35
Ronixwrites: Hi! My site has new updates. Please do drop by and check it out now! ♥ Suggestions are welcomed! ♥ x
4 Jan 16, 12:33
Marilyne: particulier est sublime!
4 Jan 16, 12:33
Marilyne: car je ne suis pas rendue aussi loin dans Arrow! lol mais la composition du noir et blanc en
4 Jan 16, 12:32
Marilyne: merci beaucoup sophie! j'adore tes deux nouveaux walls, je t'avoue que j'ai regardé très rapidement
15 Dec 15, 10:59
Steph: Just saw your new art pieces too! Very pretty! :) love the arrow ones!
4 Dec 15, 23:11
stephanie: so I'm just not bothering with that anymore! But yup. I moved. :)
4 Dec 15, 23:11
stephanie: get in cause it Mcafee wouldn't let me
4 Dec 15, 23:11
stephanie: my new home now. It's much easier then the website and when I went to my old page before I couldn't
4 Dec 15, 23:10
stephanie: Yeah, sure, I still need to make buttons. I'll do that tonight, just simple ones but yeah Tumblr
1 Dec 15, 18:50
Marilyne: Tes nouveaux wallpapers me donne envie de commencer à écouter Arrow! :)
1 Dec 15, 18:33
Marilyne: Yay! Je fait ça maintenant :)
1 Dec 15, 18:13
DeeDee: Fantastic layout! I love Doctor Who. ^_^ xo
1 Dec 15, 12:21
Marilyne: aussi! :) Puis-je t'ajouter dans mes affiliates? ;) À bientôt!
1 Dec 15, 12:21
Marilyne: Merci beaucoup Sophie! J'adore TON nouveau layout, contente de voir que tu update de nouveau toi
30 Nov 15, 21:10
Britt: Yay- you're back!!! I would love to, honey!! I'll get you added on my next update. :)
30 Nov 15, 19:26
Steph: Gorgeous colors and layout!
30 Nov 15, 19:26
Steph: Wow it's been ages since you last updated your website! Proud of you! You know that I changed mine?
8 Aug 14, 17:54
Britt: I am LOVING the colors in this layout! Also, your Faith and Buffy piece is perfection. :D
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