9 Jul 09, 22:59
Sarah: gracious jessie...you'll get it! AND I LOVE EDWEMO!!!
8 Jul 09, 22:54
Jessie: have fun at the beach!! I WANT TO GET THE 1ST HARRY POTTER BOOK FROM YOU WHEN YOU GET BACK. I really want to read it. Can you tell? *evil gin*
6 Jun 09, 11:21
Sarah: hey- if you guys see any thing weird on here that it looks like i didn't write, please tell me. katie got on here and screwed all my about me info up. argh.
15 May 09, 20:28
Sarah: i kno!!! and i'm pis- i mean- very upset that spring fever night was cancelled. ugh. and cody didn't call our house, so we didn't know till we got to the church. grr....
9 May 09, 22:24
28 Apr 09, 22:31
Sarah: well that stinks. anyway, the finale was last night and it was a shocker. chuck can do kung fu, now. it was hilarious!
28 Apr 09, 18:41
Kansas: my dad he said i cant
28 Apr 09, 16:55
Sarah: awww chuck is awesome tho! why can't you watch it?
28 Apr 09, 09:44
Kansas: nope i dont watch Chuck :P not allowed :(
27 Apr 09, 22:17
Sarah: hey guys what's up? (the sky, the ceiling...) anyway, did anyone see the new chuck episode? or should i say the LAST chuck episode for 6 friggin months?!?!