18 Dec 18, 11:52
Gun: I hope everyone can see my updates for this year's advent calendar story in my twitter feed below - happy reading! :)
12 Nov 18, 16:29
Gun: Jasmine! Sorry for not replying sooner! Im so delighted that you like Wayworn Lovers - it is a book very very close to my heart. Healthwise, I'm hanging in! :) I hope life is treating you well. :)
29 Sep 18, 01:36
Jasmine: i read wayworn lovers it was fantastic. hope you're feeling well!
19 Jun 18, 19:57
Gun: Welcome to my new and simplified web site! :-)
26 Dec 17, 03:49
Ebmc: HELP can't open the doors
25 Dec 17, 22:59
Gun: I have been MIA due to health, holiday stuff, and so on, but I hope I will finish the calendar within a couple of days. Don't give up on me! Door 22 is up and so are explanations in doors 23.24.& 25.
22 Dec 17, 05:11
Nae: Days 14-19 don't seem to work. Loving the story so far!
19 Dec 17, 21:11
Gun: yikes - sorry for not updating the shout box properly, fire! here is the link to the calendar! http://gbrooke-fiction.com/fiction/misc/advent_calendar_2017/index.html
10 Dec 17, 03:47
fire: Is there an advent calendar for 2017?
6 Jun 17, 22:41
Gun: Working on After Paris! #DWP #MirAndy and have two new parts up. 😀 19 and 20. http://tinyurl.com/ybg2g657 or http://tinyurl.com/ycp4lu9q #gunbrooke
1 Jan 17, 21:44
Gun: Arlyana - thank you and Happy New Year to you and yours! :-)
28 Dec 16, 18:21
Arlyana: Merry Christmas and happy new year
25 Dec 16, 09:06
Gun: Icequeen - update the calendar page and you will find 16 at the far upper right. If not, click the fourteen that used to be at the same place. :)
16 Dec 16, 15:56
Icequeen1955: Thank you. This has been great as usual. I did notice this morning we seem to have two door 14s and no 16. Is 16 hidden somewhere?
6 Dec 16, 08:59
Gun: Door 6 is open in the Gun Brooke MirAndy/J7 Fanfiction Advent Calendar 2016 tinyurl.com/hxfd7b8 - and do look for hidden manip picture somewhere on the calendar. (Not behind any door.)
4 Dec 16, 01:14
Ally: Hurrah for another GB Advent Calendar! It feels like Xmas now. :biggrin: Parts 1 - 3 have me intrigued. Can't wait for more! Cheers!
1 Dec 16, 21:20
Janet: Hi Gun, I'm so happy you're doing another advent calendar story this year. They are always a highlight of the holiday season for me. Can't wait to see what you have in store for our ladies. X
1 Dec 16, 11:39
Gun: Door 1 of the Gun Brooke MirAndy/J7 Fanfiction Advent Calendar 2016 is open, good people! :-) http://tinyurl.com/hxfd7b8 Enjoy!
1 Dec 16, 11:38
Gun: lujira cooper: - I'm really glad you enjoyed that short story! :) I had fun writing it!
25 May 16, 05:42
lujira cooper: Loved "Unexpected Bliss." It was sexy, sensuous and scintillating. thank you for such a wonderful read.
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