10 Sep 09, 15:18
Superman: hi this is superman and I was just surfing the web when I came across your pics of me and batman, I lolled at how you think I look like Andy Samberg and no we weren't stalking you we were entertaining
21 Aug 09, 16:15
GBMiniGirl: Think I've fixed them all!
20 Aug 09, 12:06
gbminigirl: Great. I have no idea what is going on. Last night the pics were gone. Today, they are back. That means there's a bunch of double pics. Sorry!
19 Aug 09, 21:54
GBMiniGirl: OK, I "think" I've managed to replace all the missing pics. Let me know if I've missed any!
19 Aug 09, 21:49
GBMiniGirl: I blog for the first time in about a month and half my pictures disappear! WTF, Blogspot?!
2 Jun 09, 05:14
Twilog_Whitley: Hey! I love all your Pocket Edward posts! I have a Twilight blog too, is it ok if I link to you from mine? You can check us out at twilog.net
11 May 09, 00:54
GBMiniGirl: Sorry for the glitches tonight. Power went out right as I was hitting "post" and scrambled some stuff!
6 May 09, 21:44
GBMiniGirl: Posted! Enjoy!
6 May 09, 20:23
GBMiniGirl: BTW, a post is forth-coming (sometime tonight). It's just taken me longer than I thought it would.
6 May 09, 20:17
GBMiniGirl: Woo-hoo! Thx!!!
5 May 09, 22:31
Amcas: Added you to my blogroll
5 May 09, 22:30
Amcas: Like your blog! What up Texas sister! Always looking to add to my fellow TwiTexans club!
28 Apr 09, 11:25
GBMiniGirl: All my local friends: let me know ur ok and if ur flooded or not! I KNOW ur home right now because school got cancelled! If you need anything, we have a big truck if you need rescuing!
26 Apr 09, 22:40
GBMiniGirl: Funny. I just figured that one out yesterday! Seems so obvious NOW, doesn't it?
26 Apr 09, 15:46
Snarkier Than You: Hi there GBMiniGirl - hope that the tips I left for arranging photos help ya' - your mini-Edward posts are totally cute and crack me up :lol: !