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20 Jun 17, 10:27 AM
kava: If anyone from Dreamt checks the boards I would really like if Girl's Day Performed "Thirsty" at KCON/LA Please :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IVF2rqZKkk
18 Jun 17, 06:45 PM
T: https://twitter.com/kconusa/status/875770312603844609
17 Jun 17, 09:19 PM
vui: I want to see Girl's Day in real life so bad and this could be the last chance
17 Jun 17, 09:19 PM
vui: that feel when you are also in LA but can't attend KCON.... sucksssssss
13 Jun 17, 01:20 PM
kava: Did i mention Girls Day are coming to KCON LA!!!!! :)
9 Jun 17, 04:38 AM
Nima: Happy Birthday to our maknae Hyeri ♥♥♥ 생일 축하 이혜리, 우리는 너를 사랑해, 화이팅 !!! ❤️❤️❤️
7 Jun 17, 03:37 PM
T: We will monitor it closely so that fans will have all the info needed before buying your tickets
7 Jun 17, 03:37 PM
T: Kcon usually announces before tickets go on sale, on which night each group will perform.
5 Jun 17, 04:56 AM
MK: sent you a email also kava, about the event
5 Jun 17, 04:49 AM
MK: planning to go, will keep checking here for updates
4 Jun 17, 04:50 PM
kava: ok I'm going to look at Hitouch tickets,
4 Jun 17, 04:48 PM
kava: http://www.kconusa.com/kcon17la-gsd-playlist/
4 Jun 17, 04:47 PM
kava: OMG they are coming here again!! ok LA Dai5y tim for snother meeting for meet. Also GDD we should do a booth at KCON LA?
4 Jun 17, 04:40 PM
kava: really gsd at kcon??
4 Jun 17, 08:03 AM
mom: Sojin in Crime Scene http://www.ondemandkorea.com/crime-scene-3-e6.html
3 Jun 17, 05:48 AM
ria_james: i still dont have a password
2 Jun 17, 09:08 PM
TheunV: I hope Sojin will use the outfits of this photoshoot for a combeback of GrilsDay. They all lool so stunning in black. I'm writing a song for her and GsD. Does anyone knows how best to reach her?
2 Jun 17, 01:20 PM
MK: anyone know when they usually reveal the exact schedule of performers? gotta know which date to buy tix
2 Jun 17, 01:13 PM
MK: *go
2 Jun 17, 01:13 PM
MK: hey anyone from gsdaily planning to o to kcon la?
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